ardour.gitHacking on Ardour DAW + ptformat 4 years
coreboot.gitcoreboot with some of my fixes 16 months
dpf.gitDISTRHO Plugin Framework (by falktx) 4 years
gnumach-sv.gitHurd hacking - based on upstream gnumach @ savannah 4 months
hurd-sv.gitHurd hacking - based on upstream hurd @ savannah 3 months
libacpica-debian.gitACPICA as a library for GNU/Hurd, debian package 22 months
libacpica.gitlibacpica: ACPICA as a library for GNU/Hurd 22 months
libpciaccess.gitXorg libpciaccess - development for hurd 3 years
ptformat.gitFree software library for opening Protools(TM) file formats 18 months
ruffsort.gitruffsort - suffix array based sorter of fastq 9 months
rumpkernel-debian-bloated.gitMirror of rumpkernel debian package for hurd 3 years
rumpkernel-debian.gitrumpkernel: netbsd kernel drivers in userspace 4 months
serialice.gitSerialICE (a few of my unmerged boards) 5 months
smutool.gitTool for working with AMD SMU 2 years
zam-plugins.gitA collection of LV2/VST plugins for high-quality processing - DEV 5 weeks