BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
auAU: Tell host when we have an UIfalkTX3 years
au-dspMake 2/2 work with dual mono without breaking 1/1Damien Zammit3 years
au-uiGet parameter count from DSP (direct access)Damien Zammit3 years
aurezWIP: AUv2Damien Zammit18 months
autestWIP auDamien Zammit2 years
developUse -fno-finite-math-only when building DGLfalkTX17 months
masterLink all plugins to math lib because math functions are used in part of DGLDamien Zammit15 months
nonlinuxSupport GNU platforms other than LinuxSteven Chamberlain3 years
pugl-aspect-linuxWIP make resizeable always fixed aspect ratio on linuxDamien Zammit3 years
pugl-updateFix warning (and travis build)falkTX3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-19WIP: AUv2HEADaurezDamien Zammit
2019-12-26aurez fixupsDamien Zammit
2019-12-22utils/aurez: Add AuRez for cross-compiling AUsDamien Zammit
2019-10-06WIP auautestDamien Zammit
2019-02-09Get parameter count from DSP (direct access)au-uiDamien Zammit
2019-02-09Actually display a UI!Damien Zammit
2019-02-09WIP CocoaUI for DPF (take 5)Damien Zammit
2019-01-31AU: Tell host when we have an UIaufalkTX
2019-01-31AU: Implement dynamic buffer size and sample ratefalkTX