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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-28PT import: Refactor away from Editor into Sessionptimport-saveDamien Zammit
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (5/5), i18n.h include order in gtk2_ardourRobin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (3/5), prefer #if in gtk2_ardourRobin Gareus
2018-09-20Fix metronome emphasis preference (#7666)Robin Gareus
2018-09-20switch transport masters to use properties and notify via PropertyChangedPaul Davis
2018-09-19AppData release tags need a date to be validNils Philippsen
2018-09-19Remove ambiguity of Gtk and Windows APIRobin Gareus
2018-09-18new transport slave/master implementation, gui editionPaul Davis
2018-09-16Fix crash when re-assigning groupsRobin Gareus
2018-09-13Implement new Enclosed region equivalence modeColin Fletcher
2018-09-01Restore mixer scroll offset after spillRobin Gareus
2018-08-29Clarify video-export dialog phrasesRobin Gareus
2018-08-24add shift-alt-(up|down) to editor to navigate VCAs with up/downPaul Davis
2018-08-24use new CoreSelection methods in editor and mixerPaul Davis
2018-08-24provide mixer-specific bindings for Alt-(up|down) to match editorPaul Davis
2018-08-24invert-selection: if tracks are selected, invert selection at that level, unl...Paul Davis
2018-08-24move select-all-tracks,deselect-all,invert-selection to be global actions (an...Paul Davis
2018-08-16Plugin Load Info: add a triangle indicator, tweak layoutRobin Gareus
2018-08-16Tweak labels for plugin-load displayRobin Gareus
2018-08-15Remove plugin-manager's channel-filterRobin Gareus
2018-08-15Remove ill-conceived Mixbus special case.Robin Gareus
2018-08-15Keep MSVC happy by specifying which version of 'floor()' we want (gtk2_ardour)John Emmas
2018-08-15Tweak plugin DSP stats UIRobin Gareus
2018-08-15Draw Plugin DSP load bargraphRobin Gareus
2018-08-13Fix missing enum case: Avoid a divide-by-0 crash.Ben Loftis
2018-08-11initial implementation of keyboard event forwarding for LXVSTPaul Davis
2018-08-10Likely fix for jittery snapped-cursor when dragging a region.Ben Loftis
2018-08-09Add Launch Control XL iconTérence Clastres
2018-08-09Set VCA Pane toggle sensitivityRobin Gareus
2018-08-09Ignore scroll-wheel while dragging notes.Robin Gareus
2018-08-09Fix VCA pane being made visible when redisplaying tracksRobin Gareus
2018-08-09Backport Mixbus' mixer shadowRobin Gareus
2018-08-08Add method to show/hide VCA (and Mixbus) Mixer paneRobin Gareus
2018-08-07Add Launch Control XL control surface supportTérence Clastres
2018-08-05remove debug output file!Paul Davis
2018-08-04Fix preference ID for MIDI-inputRobin Gareus
2018-08-04Unify support chat channel.Robin Gareus
2018-08-03Fix Italian translationRobin Gareus
2018-08-02Add scrollbar to LuaDialogRobin Gareus
2018-08-02Lua-dialog: allow to set folder for file to load/save.Robin Gareus
2018-07-31Tweak FP2/2018 imageRobin Gareus
2018-07-31Tweak FP2/2018 Ctrl-Surface UIRobin Gareus
2018-07-31Cleanup trigger_script_by_name() debug/error messagesRobin Gareus
2018-07-30Ruler visibility is not really a session-prop.Robin Gareus
2018-07-27Allow to disable smart ruler changes.Robin Gareus
2018-07-27NO-OP: clean up whitespace, separate methodsRobin Gareus
2018-07-27new_grid: The Return of the snap_to_X functions.Ben Loftis
2018-07-27new_grid: fix some thinkos in ruler math, to better match sensible grid lines.Ben Loftis
2018-07-27new_grid: Add options for rulers_follow_grid and grid_follows_internalBen Loftis
2018-07-25Reset export-config maps before each new export (2/2)Robin Gareus