AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-04Click: Normalized then dropped by 6dBclick-levelDamien Zammit
2015-10-03additional check for DSP falloff.Robin Gareus
2015-10-03less verbose unit-testsRobin Gareus
2015-10-03DSP load fall-off from 100%.Robin Gareus
2015-10-03fix float calc:Robin Gareus
2015-10-03fix windows compilationRobin Gareus
2015-10-02initial pass at a profile (key bindings) for MCU Pro surface.Paul Davis
2015-10-02remove undefined and unused method declarationPaul Davis
2015-10-02another change from modifier_state() to main_modifier_state()Paul Davis
2015-10-02avoid handling pitchbend (fader) messages while SHIFT modifier is active.Paul Davis
2015-10-02no longer call ::zero_all() when deleting an MCP surface object.Paul Davis
2015-10-02use ::main_modifier_state() in some more placesPaul Davis
2015-10-02necessary header changes for new redisplay code in MCPPaul Davis
2015-10-02add new (fast) redisplay timer that pushes parameter display text to MCP device.Paul Davis
2015-10-02fix comment spellingPaul Davis
2015-10-02use Surface::reset() when deleting MackieControlProtocol, rather than sending...Paul Davis
2015-10-02implement backlight, fader touch sensitivity and recalibrate fader functions ...Paul Davis
2015-10-02avoid sending replicated fader set position messagesPaul Davis
2015-10-02explicitly drop control surface protocols before disconnecting from engine.Paul Davis
2015-10-02add missing "fi" to script used for linux installPaul Davis
2015-10-02remove debug outputPaul Davis
2015-10-02the return of the 1 second fade out at session closePaul Davis
2015-10-02fix unbound DSP calc.Robin Gareus
2015-10-02escape markup in region listRobin Gareus
2015-10-02add missing markup escapeRobin Gareus
2015-10-02use new error-messagesRobin Gareus
2015-10-02define more backend error-messages.Robin Gareus
2015-10-02improve CoreAudio error reportingRobin Gareus
2015-10-02fix handler of fader (pitchbend) messages in Mackie Control so that the outbo...Paul Davis
2015-10-02allow aliasing Mackie Control buttons to other buttonsPaul Davis
2015-10-02provide Main/cancel-solo as an action and make rude solo button(s) use itPaul Davis
2015-10-02catch changes in click status and alter LED appropriatelyPaul Davis
2015-10-02change zoom and scrub handling to use modifier bitsPaul Davis
2015-10-02spelling correction in error messagePaul Davis
2015-10-02add a proper license to the GCC ABI check toolRobin Gareus
2015-10-01re-apply roll-delay after seek - fixes #5781Robin Gareus
2015-10-01remove ancient doxyfileRobin Gareus
2015-10-01update DoxyfileRobin Gareus
2015-10-01there's no class called "The" :)Robin Gareus
2015-10-01ALSA: update error-codes for HW initialization.Robin Gareus
2015-10-01Add parent window argument to ARDOUR_UI::check_audioengineTim Mayberry
2015-10-01Display warning when closing Audio Setup dialog with engine stoppedTim Mayberry
2015-10-01Don't hide Audio Setup dialog when clicking 'OK' if engine fails to startTim Mayberry
2015-10-01Use AudioSetupDialog as parent of the error message popup when failing to sta...Tim Mayberry
2015-10-01Return meaningful error codes when ALSA backend fails to startTim Mayberry
2015-10-01Return meaningful error codes when PortaudioBackend fails to startTim Mayberry
2015-10-01Use portaudio error codes in the PortaudioIO class.Tim Mayberry
2015-10-01Use AudioEngine::get_last_backend_error in message dialog when failing to sta...Tim Mayberry
2015-10-01Reinterpret the return value of AudioBackend::start as AudioBackend::ErrorCodeTim Mayberry
2015-10-01Add a couple of error codes to AudioBackend::ErrorCodeTim Mayberry