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authorcooltehno <>2020-05-17 02:24:33 +0300
committerRobin Gareus <>2020-05-17 14:28:56 +0200
commitfb9aa647bb291db852c5a6230e845ddccc08cb8f (patch)
parent7885bdb210b3e708c85eb18927f6564f2b7eb73d (diff)
Update cubasish-ardour.colors
Corrected colors closer to a5.12 version (compared with existing a6 theme). Added comments to < Color > section. In the original file there was an excess line (177) - deleted in new version: 177 <ColorAlias name="lua action button: fill" alias="theme:bg"/> 178<ColorAlias name="lua action button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/> video:
1 files changed, 123 insertions, 124 deletions
diff --git a/gtk2_ardour/themes/cubasish-ardour.colors b/gtk2_ardour/themes/cubasish-ardour.colors
index ebe376316c..a1bbc66cbf 100644
--- a/gtk2_ardour/themes/cubasish-ardour.colors
+++ b/gtk2_ardour/themes/cubasish-ardour.colors
@@ -1,61 +1,61 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Ardour theme-name="Cubasish">
- <Color name="alert:blue" value="0x6024d1ff"/>
- <Color name="alert:cyan" value="20b2b2ff"/>
- <Color name="alert:green" value="3dcc4cff"/>
- <Color name="alert:greenish" value="459952ff"/>
- <Color name="alert:orange" value="e58b05ff"/>
- <Color name="alert:red" value="f10000ff"/>
- <Color name="alert:ruddy" value="bb2828ff"/>
- <Color name="alert:yellow" value="bba900ff"/>
- <Color name="theme:bg" value="0x282b30ff"/> <!--gtk_background-->
- <Color name="theme:bg1" value="0x2f3841ff"/> <!--gtk_audio_track-->
- <Color name="theme:bg2" value="0x121212ff"/> <!--ruler base-->
- <Color name="theme:contrasting" value="0xffffffff"/> <!--play head-->
- <Color name="theme:contrasting clock" value="0xf0f0f0ff"/> <!--big clock: text-->
- <Color name="theme:contrasting less" value="0xbba34cff"/> <!--gtk_bg_tooltip-->
- <Color name="theme:contrasting selection" value="0xacb3b9ff"/> <!--gtk_bg_selected-->
- <Color name="theme:contrasting alt" value="0x8cd8f8ff"/> <!--secondary delta clock: text-->
- <Color name="neutral:backgroundest" value="000000ff"/> <!--border color-->
- <Color name="neutral:background" value="0x7aadf9ff"/> <!--audio track base-->
- <Color name="neutral:background2" value="0xcbd6daff"/> <!--range marker bar-->
- <Color name="neutral:midground" value="7f7f7fff"/> <!--grid line minor-->
- <Color name="neutral:foreground2" value="0xddddd8ff"/> <!--marker track-->
- <Color name="neutral:foreground" value="0xeeeeecff"/> <!--gtk_foreground-->
- <Color name="neutral:foregroundest" value="ffffffff"/> <!--grid line major-->
- <Color name="widget:bg" value="0xc0c4c9ff"/> <!--generic button-->
- <Color name="widget:blue" value="0xdde1e4ff"/> <!--processor fader: fill-->
- <Color name="widget:blue darker" value="0x20242aff"/> <!--gtk_audio_bus-->
- <Color name="widget:gray" value="0x636363ff"/> <!--gtk_processor_fader-->
- <Color name="widget:green" value="0x2f3841ff"/> <!--gtk processor postfader, gtk_midi_track-->
- <Color name="widget:green darker" value="0xcececeff"/> <!--midi track base-->
- <Color name="widget:orange" value="0xdd6363ff"/> <!--tempo marker-->
- <Color name="widget:ruddy" value="0xacb3b9ff"/> <!--processor prefader-->
- <Color name="meter color0" value="008800ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color1" value="00aa00ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color2" value="00ff00ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color3" value="00ff00ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color4" value="fff000ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color5" value="fff000ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color6" value="ff8800ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color7" value="ff8800ff"/>
- <Color name="meter color8" value="ff0000ff"/>
+ <Color name="alert:blue" value="5e00d1ff"/> <!--monitor section mono: fill active, transport button: fill active, trim handle-->
+ <Color name="alert:cyan" value="6ddfffff"/> <!--location cd marker, midi select rect outline, page switch button: fill active, send alert button: fill active-->
+ <Color name="alert:green" value="3dcc4cff"/> <!--gtk_solo, location range, solo button: fill active-->
+ <Color name="alert:greenish" value="200095ff"/> <!--not green but blue--> <!--automation line-->
+ <Color name="alert:orange" value="ee6533ff"/> <!--gtk_monitor, monitor button: fill active, plugin automation state button: fill active, stereo panner mono fill-->
+ <Color name="alert:red" value="f1001fff"/> <!--clipped waveform, gtk_arm, gtk_clip_indicator, punch button: led active-->
+ <Color name="alert:ruddy" value="8a011eff"/> <!--control point selected outline, feedback alert: alt active, location punch, rude solo: fill active, stereo panner inverted outline-->
+ <Color name="alert:yellow" value="f0ca65ff"/> <!--gtk_mute, mute button: fill active-->
+ <Color name="theme:bg" value="2d2e33ff"/> <!--gtk_background, gtk_automation_track_header, stereo panner outline-->
+ <Color name="theme:bg1" value="383e46ff"/> <!--gtk_audio_track, stereo panner mono outline-->
+ <Color name="theme:bg2" value="191c1fff"/> <!--ruler base, big clock: background, clock: background, selected waveform outline, transport clock: background-->
+ <Color name="theme:contrasting" value="b97f84ff"/> <!--stereo panner inverted fill-->
+ <Color name="theme:contrasting clock" value="ffffffff"/> <!--play head, big clock: text, midi note selected outline, mouse mode button: fill active, processor fader: led active-->
+ <Color name="theme:contrasting less" value="aeb0b6ff"/> <!--gtk_bg_tooltip, time stretch fill-->
+ <Color name="theme:contrasting selection" value="9a9ca1ff"/> <!--gtk_bg_selected, piano roll black, send alert button: fill-->
+ <Color name="theme:contrasting alt" value="cca336ff"/> <!--secondary delta clock: text, rude isolate: fill active-->
+ <Color name="neutral:backgroundest" value="000000ff"/> <!--border color, location loop, mono panner text, range marker bar, selection rect-->
+ <Color name="neutral:background" value="202020ff"/> <!--audio track base, gtk_fg_tooltip, processor control button: fil-->
+ <Color name="neutral:background2" value="555555ff"/> <!--midi frame base, recording waveform outline, transport marker bar, video timeline bar-->
+ <Color name="neutral:midground" value="7f7f7fff"/> <!--grid line minor, gtk_processor_fader_frame, range drag bar rect, ruler text-->
+ <Color name="neutral:foreground2" value="ccccccff"/> <!--marker track, marker bar-->
+ <Color name="neutral:foreground" value="e5e5e5ff"/> <!--gtk_foreground, arrange base, gtk_texts, -->
+ <Color name="neutral:foregroundest" value="ffffffff"/> <!--grid line major, recording waveform fill, waveform fill-->
+ <Color name="widget:bg" value="b3b4bbff"/> <!--generic button, mouse mode button: fill, transport button: fill-->
+ <Color name="widget:blue" value="8193cbff"/> <!--gtk_bright_color, midi input button: fill activ, selected time axis frame-->
+ <Color name="widget:blue darker" value="191c1fff"/> <!--gtk_audio_bus, audio bus base, stereo panner inverted bg-->
+ <Color name="widget:gray" value="e0e0e0ff"/> <!--gtk_processor_fader, processor fader: fill, time stretch outline-->
+ <Color name="widget:green" value="606773ff"/> <!--gtk processor postfader, gtk_midi_track, processor postfader: fill-->
+ <Color name="widget:green darker" value="2c313cff"/> <!--gtk_midi_track, midi automation track fill, mono panner outline-->
+ <Color name="widget:orange" value="c5baffff"/> <!--tempo marker, meter marker-->
+ <Color name="widget:ruddy" value="abb1b8ff"/> <!--gtk_track_header_selected, gtk_processor_prefader-->
+ <Color name="meter color0" value="3dd8fdff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color1" value="12f0d1ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color2" value="00fdb6ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color3" value="00fd26ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color4" value="81fd00ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color5" value="d0fd00ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color6" value="ffe700ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color7" value="ffcc00ff"/>
+ <Color name="meter color8" value="ffaa00ff"/>
<Color name="meter color9" value="ff0000ff"/>
- <Color name="midi meter 52" value="e8faa1ff"/>
- <Color name="midi meter 53" value="f2c37dff"/>
- <Color name="midi meter 54" value="ffac44ff"/>
- <Color name="midi meter 55" value="f48352ff"/>
- <Color name="midi meter 56" value="f85813ff"/>
+ <Color name="midi meter 52" value="221f70ff"/>
+ <Color name="midi meter 53" value="421d7aff"/>
+ <Color name="midi meter 54" value="7610baff"/>
+ <Color name="midi meter 55" value="b22353ff"/>
+ <Color name="midi meter 56" value="ea0508ff"/>
<ColorAlias name="active crossfade" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
- <ColorAlias name="arrange base" alias="theme:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="audio automation track fill" alias="theme:bg"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="arrange base" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="audio automation track fill" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="audio bus base" alias="widget:blue darker"/>
<ColorAlias name="audio master bus base" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="audio track base" alias="neutral:background"/>
- <ColorAlias name="automation line" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="automation line" alias="alert:greenish"/>
<ColorAlias name="automation track outline" alias="theme:bg1"/>
<ColorAlias name="big clock active: background" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="big clock active: cursor" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
@@ -66,17 +66,17 @@
<ColorAlias name="big clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="big clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="border color" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
- <ColorAlias name="cd marker bar" alias="neutral:background2"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="cd marker bar" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="clipped waveform" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="clock: background" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="clock: cursor" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="comment button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="control point fill" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="control point outline" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="control point selected fill" alias="alert:orange"/>
- <ColorAlias name="control point selected outline" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="control point fill" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="control point outline" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="control point selected fill" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="control point selected outline" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="covered region" alias="neutral:background2"/>
<ColorAlias name="crossfade editor base" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
<ColorAlias name="crossfade editor line" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
@@ -89,20 +89,20 @@
<ColorAlias name="entered automation line" alias="widget:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="entered gain line" alias="widget:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="entered marker" alias="widget:orange"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="feedback alert: alt active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="feedback alert: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="feedback alert: fill active" alias="alert:red"/>
- <ColorAlias name="feedback alert: alt active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="feedback alert: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="foldback knob" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="foldback knob: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="foldback knob: arc end" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="foldback knob: arc start" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="foldback knob: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="frame handle" alias="theme:bg1"/>
<ColorAlias name="gain line" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="gain line inactive" alias="theme:bg1"/>
<ColorAlias name="generic button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="generic button: fill active" alias="alert:red"/>
- <ColorAlias name="generic button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="generic button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="ghost track base" alias="neutral:background2"/>
<ColorAlias name="ghost track midi outline" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="ghost track wave" alias="neutral:background"/>
@@ -119,9 +119,9 @@
<ColorAlias name="gtk_background" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_bases" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_bg_selected" alias="theme:contrasting selection"/>
- <ColorAlias name="gtk_bg_tooltip" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="gtk_bg_tooltip" alias="theme:contrasting less"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_bright_color" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="gtk_bright_indicator" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="gtk_bright_indicator" alias="neutral:foregroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_clip_indicator" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_contrasting_indicator" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_control_master" alias="theme:bg1"/>
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="gtk_fg_tooltip" alias="neutral:background"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_foldback_bg" alias="theme:bg1"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_foreground" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
- <ColorAlias name="gtk_light_text_on_dark" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="gtk_light_text_on_dark" alias="neutral:midground"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_lightest" alias="neutral:foregroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_midi_channel_selector" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="gtk_midi_track" alias="widget:green darker"/>
@@ -161,22 +161,21 @@
<ColorAlias name="inactive group tab" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="invert button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="invert button: fill active" alias="alert:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="invert button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="invert button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="latency button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="latency button: fill active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="latency button: led active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="layered button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="layered button: fill active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="location cd marker" alias="alert:cyan"/>
- <ColorAlias name="location loop" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="location marker" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="location loop" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="location marker" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="location punch" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="location range" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="lock button: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="lock button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
- <ColorAlias name="lua action button: fill" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="lua action button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="marker bar" alias="neutral:background2"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="marker bar" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
<ColorAlias name="marker bar separator" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="marker drag line" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="marker label" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
@@ -186,9 +185,9 @@
<ColorAlias name="master monitor section button normal: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="measure line bar" alias="neutral:foregroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="measure line beat" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="meter background bottom" alias="neutral:background2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="meter background top" alias="theme:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="meter bar" alias="theme:bg1"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="meter background bottom" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="meter background top" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="meter bar" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="meter color BBC" alias="alert:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="meter marker" alias="widget:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="meter marker music" alias="widget:orange"/>
@@ -200,7 +199,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="meterbridge peakindicator: fill active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="meterbridge peakindicator: led" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="meterbridge peakindicator: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
- <ColorAlias name="meterbridge peaklabel" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="meterbridge peaklabel" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="meterstrip dpm bg" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="meterstrip dpm fg" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
<ColorAlias name="meterstrip ppm bg" alias="theme:bg2"/>
@@ -213,8 +212,8 @@
<ColorAlias name="midi device: fill active" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi device: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi frame base" alias="neutral:background2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="midi input button: fill active" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="midi input button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="midi input button: fill active" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="midi input button: led active" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi meter color0" alias="midi meter 52"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi meter color1" alias="midi meter 53"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi meter color2" alias="midi meter 53"/>
@@ -230,50 +229,50 @@
<ColorAlias name="midi note mid" alias="alert:yellow"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi note min" alias="alert:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi note selected" alias="widget:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="midi note selected outline" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="midi note selected outline" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi note velocity text" alias="theme:contrasting"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi patch change fill" alias="theme:contrasting selection"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi patch change outline" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
- <ColorAlias name="midi select rect outline" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="midi select rect outline" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi sysex fill" alias="theme:contrasting"/>
<ColorAlias name="midi sysex outline" alias="theme:contrasting alt"/>
- <ColorAlias name="midi track base" alias="widget:green darker"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="midi track base" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="mixer strip button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="mixer strip button: fill active" alias="theme:bg1"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mixer strip button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mixer strip button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="mixer strip name button: fill active" alias="theme:bg2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mixer strip name button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mixer strip name button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor button: fill active" alias="alert:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor button: led active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section dim: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section dim: fill active" alias="alert:orange"/>
- <ColorAlias name="monitor section dim: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="monitor section dim: led active" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section knob" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="monitor section knob: arc end" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="monitor section knob: arc start" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="monitor section knob: arc end" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="monitor section knob: arc start" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section mono: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section mono: fill active" alias="alert:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="monitor section mono: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="monitor section mono: led active" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section processors present: fill" alias="alert:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section processors toggle: fill" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section processors toggle: fill active" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section solo model: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section solo model: fill active" alias="theme:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="monitor section solo model: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="monitor section solo model: led active" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section solo option: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="monitor section solo option: fill active" alias="theme:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="monitor section solo option: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="monitor section solo option: led active" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="mono panner bg" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="mono panner fill" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mono panner outline" alias="theme:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mono panner position fill" alias="theme:contrasting less"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mono panner position outline" alias="theme:bg"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mono panner outline" alias="widget:green darker"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mono panner position fill" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mono panner position outline" alias="widget:green darker"/>
<ColorAlias name="mono panner text" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="mouse mode button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mouse mode button: fill active" alias="alert:greenish"/>
- <ColorAlias name="mouse mode button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mouse mode button: fill active" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="mouse mode button: led active" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="mute button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="mute button: fill active" alias="alert:yellow"/>
<ColorAlias name="mute button: led active" alias="alert:yellow"/>
@@ -281,23 +280,23 @@
<ColorAlias name="name highlight outline" alias="theme:bg1"/>
<ColorAlias name="nudge button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="nudge button: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="nudge button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="nudge button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="nudge clock: background" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="nudge clock: cursor" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="nudge clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="nudge clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="page switch button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="page switch button: fill active" alias="alert:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="patch change button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="patch change button: fill active" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="page switch button: fill active" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="patch change button unnamed: fill" alias="neutral:background2"/>
<ColorAlias name="patch change button unnamed: fill active" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="patch change button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="patch change button: fill active" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="piano roll black" alias="theme:contrasting selection"/>
- <ColorAlias name="piano roll black outline" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="piano roll white" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="piano roll black outline" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="piano roll white" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="pinrouting custom: led active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="pinrouting sidechain: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="play head" alias="theme:contrasting"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="play head" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="plugin automation state button: fill active" alias="alert:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="plugin bypass button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="pluginlist filter button: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
@@ -313,15 +312,15 @@
<ColorAlias name="processor control knob" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor control knob: arc end" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor control knob: arc start" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor fader: fill" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor fader: fill active" alias="widget:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor fader: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor fader: fill" alias="widget:gray"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor fader: fill active" alias="widget:gray"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor fader: led active" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor postfader: fill" alias="widget:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor postfader: fill active" alias="widget:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor postfader: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor prefader: fill" alias="widget:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor prefader: fill active" alias="widget:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="processor prefader: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor postfader: led active" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor prefader: fill" alias="widget:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor prefader: fill active" alias="widget:green"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="processor prefader: led active" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor sidechain: fill" alias="alert:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor sidechain: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="processor stub: fill" alias="neutral:background2"/>
@@ -336,7 +335,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="punch line" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="range drag bar rect" alias="neutral:midground"/>
<ColorAlias name="range drag rect" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="range marker bar" alias="neutral:background2"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="range marker bar" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="record enable button: fill active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="record enable button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="recording rect" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
@@ -347,7 +346,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="region list whole file" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
<ColorAlias name="route button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="route button: fill active" alias="theme:bg2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="route button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="route button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="route rec button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="rubber band rect" alias="neutral:foreground2"/>
<ColorAlias name="rude audition: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
@@ -364,22 +363,22 @@
<ColorAlias name="secondary clock: background" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="secondary clock: cursor" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="secondary clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
- <ColorAlias name="secondary clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="secondary clock: text" alias="neutral:midground"/>
<ColorAlias name="secondary delta clock: background" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="secondary delta clock: cursor" alias="theme:contrasting alt"/>
<ColorAlias name="secondary delta clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting alt"/>
<ColorAlias name="secondary delta clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting alt"/>
- <ColorAlias name="selected midi note frame" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="selected region base" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="selected time axis frame" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
- <ColorAlias name="selected waveform fill" alias="alert:orange"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="selected midi note frame" alias="alert:cyan"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="selected region base" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="selected time axis frame" alias="widget:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="selected waveform fill" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="selected waveform outline" alias="theme:bg2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="selection" alias="alert:red"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="selection" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="selection clock: background" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="selection clock: cursor" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="selection clock: edited text" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="selection clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
- <ColorAlias name="selection rect" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="selection rect" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="send alert button: fill" alias="theme:contrasting selection"/>
<ColorAlias name="send alert button: fill active" alias="alert:cyan"/>
<ColorAlias name="send alert button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
@@ -392,22 +391,22 @@
<ColorAlias name="silence text" alias="neutral:foreground"/>
<ColorAlias name="solo button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="solo button: fill active" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="solo button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="solo button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="solo isolate: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="solo isolate: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="solo isolate: led active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="solo isolate: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="solo safe: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="solo safe: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="solo safe: led active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="solo safe: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner bg" alias="theme:bg2"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner fill" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner inverted bg" alias="widget:blue darker"/>
- <ColorAlias name="stereo panner inverted fill" alias="theme:contrasting less"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="stereo panner inverted fill" alias="theme:contrasting"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner inverted outline" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner inverted text" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner mono bg" alias="theme:bg2"/>
- <ColorAlias name="stereo panner mono fill" alias="theme:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="stereo panner mono outline" alias="alert:orange"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="stereo panner mono fill" alias="alert:orange"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="stereo panner mono outline" alias="theme:bg1"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner mono text" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner outline" alias="theme:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="stereo panner rule" alias="theme:bg"/>
@@ -417,7 +416,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="stretch clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="stretch clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
<ColorAlias name="sync mark" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
- <ColorAlias name="tempo bar" alias="neutral:background2"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="tempo bar" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
<ColorAlias name="tempo curve" alias="widget:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="tempo marker" alias="widget:orange"/>
<ColorAlias name="tempo marker music" alias="widget:orange"/>
@@ -430,7 +429,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="tracknumber label: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport active option button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport active option button: fill active" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="transport active option button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="transport active option button: led active" alias="alert:green"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport button: fill active" alias="alert:blue"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
@@ -443,12 +442,12 @@
<ColorAlias name="transport delta clock: edited text" alias="theme:contrasting alt"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport delta clock: text" alias="theme:contrasting alt"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport drag rect" alias="neutral:midground"/>
- <ColorAlias name="transport loop rect" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="transport marker bar" alias="widget:bg"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="transport loop rect" alias="neutral:backgroundest"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="transport marker bar" alias="neutral:background2"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport option button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport option button: fill active" alias="widget:bg"/>
- <ColorAlias name="transport option button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/>
- <ColorAlias name="transport punch rect" alias="widget:ruddy"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="transport option button: led active" alias="theme:contrasting clock"/>
+ <ColorAlias name="transport punch rect" alias="alert:red"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport recenable button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport recenable button: fill active" alias="alert:ruddy"/>
<ColorAlias name="transport recenable button: led active" alias="alert:red"/>
@@ -465,7 +464,7 @@
<ColorAlias name="zero line" alias="neutral:midground"/>
<ColorAlias name="zoom button: fill" alias="widget:bg"/>
<ColorAlias name="zoom button: fill active" alias="alert:green"/>
- <ColorAlias name="zoom button: led active" alias="alert:blue"/> </ColorAliases>
+ <ColorAlias name="zoom button: led active" alias="alert:green"/> </ColorAliases>
<Modifier name="audio bus base" modifier="= alpha:0.3"/>
<Modifier name="audio track base" modifier="= alpha:0.3"/>
@@ -474,7 +473,7 @@
<Modifier name="covered region base" modifier="= alpha:0.7"/>
<Modifier name="crossfade alpha" modifier="= alpha:0.1803"/>
<Modifier name="dragging region" modifier="= alpha:0.9"/>
- <Modifier name="editable region" modifier="= alpha:0.25"/>
+ <Modifier name="editable region" modifier="= alpha:0.15"/>
<Modifier name="gain line inactive" modifier="= alpha:0.7725"/>
<Modifier name="ghost track base" modifier="= alpha:0.640782"/>
<Modifier name="ghost track midi fill" modifier="= alpha:0.3"/>
@@ -482,7 +481,7 @@
<Modifier name="loop rectangle" modifier="= alpha:0.5"/>
<Modifier name="marker bar" modifier="= alpha:0.5"/>
<Modifier name="grid line" modifier="= alpha:1.0"/>
- <Modifier name="midi frame base" modifier="= alpha:0.4"/>
+ <Modifier name="midi frame base" modifier="= alpha:0.85"/>
<Modifier name="midi note" modifier="= alpha:0.8"/>
<Modifier name="midi note velocity text" modifier="= alpha:0.4666"/>
<Modifier name="midi patch change fill" modifier="= alpha:0.6274"/>