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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-12GNU libc 2.31 compatibility part twoRobin Gareus
2020-04-25Recognize dist, distcheck better to set app nameNils Philippsen
2020-04-09Update waf scriptsLuciano Iam
2020-03-30GNU libc 2.31 compatibilityRobin Gareus
2020-03-28Automatic backend selection, and fix backend option parsingRobin Gareus
2020-03-26Source-tree consistency (headless tools at top-level)Robin Gareus
2020-03-26Add support for NetBSD by generalizing BSD OS tests.nia
2020-03-10Fix optimized mingw/gcc-8.2 buildsRobin Gareus
2020-03-08Fix typo in f265bbbf82e9Robin Gareus
2020-03-08mingw/gcc-8.2 compat: _xgetbv() needs -mxsaveRobin Gareus
2020-03-08Fix for modern boost + updated buildstackRobin Gareus
2020-03-08NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2020-03-06Remove debug messageRobin Gareus
2020-02-25Update boost-ptr debug patch for boost 1.67Robin Gareus
2020-02-23Amend 180843f9 - move scriptsRobin Gareus
2020-02-23Clean up top-level source treeRobin Gareus
2020-01-26Fix configuration with gcc-9Robin Gareus
2020-01-25Tweaks to build/package scripts for new wafRobin Gareus
2020-01-25Change waf/darwin default compiler to prefer gcc (if available)Robin Gareus
2020-01-25Towards waf python 2+3 supportDavid Runge
2019-12-07Add tsan option to trace data-racesRobin Gareus
2019-11-21Bump boost version requirementRobin Gareus
2019-10-19Use conf.fatal for fatal configuration errorsDavid Robillard
2019-10-19Fix Python3 incompatible syntaxDavid Robillard
2019-10-19Fix typoDavid Robillard
2019-10-02changes required to get build-stack to run on a Mojave VM.Paul Davis
2019-09-25goodbye USE_TRACKS_CODE_FEATURES and is_tracks_buildPaul Davis
2019-09-25Cleanup configuration stageRobin Gareus
2019-09-24add configure-time option to use lld as the linker (on linux)Paul Davis
2019-09-19remove compiler flags required only by boost::msm and a large transition tablePaul Davis
2019-09-17add finite state machine to control/manage transport statePaul Davis
2019-09-09Report whether arlua is being builtRobin Gareus
2019-09-02Include vamp-pyinRobin Gareus
2019-08-17Remove explicit pulse version check (debian/wheezy builds)Robin Gareus
2019-07-25Puls der ZeitRobin Gareus
2019-04-09Unify build-system customization (Ardour/Mixbus)Robin Gareus
2019-01-02remove dangling --lv2 waf configure optionPaul Davis
2018-12-28remove configure-time --no-lv2 option. LV2 is integral to what we doPaul Davis
2018-10-20Add upstream libzita-convolver 4.0.3Robin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (1/5): ENABLE_NLS = 1/0 configRobin Gareus
2018-09-19AppData: 'revision' in is expected in the 2nd lineGuido Aulisi
2018-09-19generate with one item per lineNils Philippsen
2018-09-19AppData release tags need a date to be validNils Philippsen
2018-05-12First draft of a-expanderJohannes Mueller
2018-01-30Add factory plugin tags + favoritesRobin Gareus
2018-01-28Adds support for building in Mac OS High SierraChris Dennis
2017-10-21Detected boost using a compile-time check (works w/x-compile)Robin Gareus
2017-09-24part two of initial libtemporal creationPaul Davis
2017-09-20Fix buildstack revision reportRobin Gareus
2017-09-19Fix buildstack reportRobin Gareus