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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-28patch waf - fixes clang/linux compilationRobin Gareus
2014-12-17fix stash-mess for ./waf with a new identical versionPaul Davis
2014-12-17new version of wafPaul Davis
2014-10-21revert to previous waf versionPaul Davis
2014-10-21remove "canvasvar_" from all functions related to obtaining values from ARDOU...Paul Davis
2014-07-13new waf (still version 1.6.11) incorporating previous changePaul Davis
2014-01-17use "portable" approach to forcing visible symbols in third party libs (qm-ds...Paul Davis
2014-01-10finished merge of cairocanvas with windows and windows+cc branchesPaul Davis
2013-12-19move portable copyfile function into tools/ and use it in both gtk2...Paul Davis
2013-11-05revert to waf 1.6.11 for master branch, with current autowaf.pyPaul Davis
2013-11-05update waf with new autowaf that uses --no-fuzzy-matching when running msgmergePaul Davis
2013-10-18use libltc and libtimecode as static libs, and upgrade to waf 1.7Paul Davis
2013-10-17get everything compiling with libardour built using -fvisibility=hiddenPaul Davis
2013-03-07rebuild waf to avoid CC/CXX flags that do not work on OLD apple gcc; remove ...Paul Davis
2013-01-21get that waf rebuild correct on linux tooPaul Davis
2013-01-21-Wlogical-op is not valid with apple/darwin gcc, so rebuild waf to make that ...Paul Davis
2013-01-04updated waf to 1.6.11 plus an updated from drobilla, though modif...Paul Davis
2011-11-21waf 1.6.7 plus drobilla rev 60Paul Davis
2011-11-21new i18n targets (to be explained in TRANSLATORS)Paul Davis
2011-11-21Modify waf to look for S_ as an i18n keyword.Carl Hetherington
2011-11-06Build debuggable build by default.David Robillard
2011-11-05Fix i18n.David Robillard
2011-10-20backup to waf 1.6.7 to see if that fixes a reported issuePaul Davis
2011-10-20fix --debug being set to False by default (originates in drobilla's autowaf.p...Paul Davis
2011-10-05Fix checking for the same packages several times (autowaf r54)David Robillard
2011-09-30update waf to include doxygen tools, revert --debug to the defaultPaul Davis
2011-09-29Python 3 fixesDavid Robillard
2011-09-29Remove use of waf compat15 tool.David Robillard
2011-09-29Upgrade to waf 1.6.7 and autowaf r52.David Robillard
2010-12-02fix bug in waf 1.5.18 that messes up dependency tracking when number of neste...Paul Davis
2010-09-07Upgrade to waf 1.5.18.David Robillard
2010-01-18upgrade to waf-1.5.11Taybin Rutkin
2009-11-16Upgrade to waf 1.5.10.David Robillard
2009-10-23Add waf fix for library versioning < Robillard
2009-10-23Upgrade to waf 1.5.9.David Robillard
2009-06-13Upgrade to waf 1.5.8.David Robillard
2009-04-18Upgrade to waf 1.5.4.David Robillard
2009-02-26Update waf with a slightly hacked version to print correct paths in compiler ...David Robillard
2009-02-25Move waf up to top level, waf building of pbd, evoral, midi++David Robillard