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2016-08-05Improve midnam for Waldorf BlofeldMaurizio Berti
2016-07-31Add some controls for the Waldorf BlofeldDavid Robillard
2016-07-31Fix validation of midnam filesDavid Robillard
2015-01-05New MIDNAM file from e.j.vd.hooven@gmail.comPaul Davis
2014-12-29Fix off-by-one MIDI note names.David Robillard
2014-12-13Structure MIDI device selector by manufacturer.David Robillard
2014-10-16Merge branch 'cairocanvas'Paul Davis
2014-07-14Add midnam files for Korg Volca series.David Robillard
2014-04-28finish unfinished work at basing all install paths on the program namePaul Davis
2014-01-06Document controller values for Moog Minitaur.David Robillard
2014-01-06Add midnam files for Moog MF-104M and MF-108M.David Robillard
2013-02-23Add a bunch more midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-28Add several midnam files from Jonathan Stowe.David Robillard
2013-01-20Comment out duplicate controls. I think there's an error in the manual?David Robillard
2013-01-20Fix incorrect controller numbers in Minitaur midnam file.David Robillard
2013-01-20Clean up midnam data, consistently name default mode "Default"David Robillard
2013-01-20Support loading MIDI note names in NoteGroup tags as well.David Robillard
2013-01-20Remove extra midnam file for Roland JV-1080.David Robillard
2013-01-20Remove junk data from Roland JV-1080 and JV-2080 midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-20Add General MIDI drum note names and patch names.David Robillard
2013-01-19Update patchfiles/README and remove executable bit from all midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-19Add midnam file for Roland JV-2080.David Robillard
2013-01-19Merge Standard MIDI and General MIDI midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-19Add instructions for adding midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-19Add standard MIDI midnam file and remove hard coded equivalent.David Robillard
2013-01-19Unfortunately it seems that MIDINameDocument can not express control groups, ...David Robillard
2013-01-19Clean up midnam author data.David Robillard
2013-01-19Ram all midnam files through xmllint --format and get something halfway respe...David Robillard
2013-01-19Fix invalid XML. All midnam files now pass validation by xmllint.David Robillard
2013-01-19Use consistent naming scheme for midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-19Use civilized line endings.David Robillard
2013-01-19Use the standard doctype for this motley crew of midnam files.David Robillard
2013-01-19Valid midnam file for Moog MinitaurDavid Robillard
2013-01-16Preliminary support for named MIDI controllers via midname files.David Robillard
2012-11-09patchfiles/Yamaha-PSR-S900.midnam: Add Patchbanks by voice typeHans Baier
2012-10-10Yamaha-PSR-S900.midnam: correct organ flutes, duplicate settings generated fr...Hans Baier
2012-10-10program changes must be zero-based in the MIDNAM file, but they are one-based...Hans Baier
2012-10-09Add patchfile for Yamaha PSR-S900, add unit test for it, remove camel case fr...Hans Baier
2012-06-13added General MIDI midname file (missing drum info)Paul Davis
2012-06-03Trim <PatchBank>s with unresolved <UsesPatchNameList>sCarl Hetherington
2012-05-21remember to install MIDNAM files for waf installPaul Davis
2012-03-20add 44 MIDNAM files for various h/w synths, originally from Davis