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2015-10-05NOOP, remove trailing tabs/whitespace.Robin Gareus
2014-05-06provide plugins with all available buffers.Robin Gareus
2013-08-04'libs/ardour' - Main body of changes required for building with MSVCJohn Emmas
2012-05-24Remove over 500 unnecessary includes (including 54 of session.h).David Robillard
2012-01-23Speed up iterating over an entire PortSet by keeping aCarl Hetherington
2011-10-28Use shared_ptr for Port in the AudioEngine; improves thread-safety of the aud...Carl Hetherington
2011-07-22use std::vector::assign() in BufferSet::attach_buffers() rather than an expli...Paul Davis
2011-06-01Fix broken whitespace. I'd apologize for the compile times if it was my faul...David Robillard
2011-04-04Fix broken whitespace (no functional changes).David Robillard
2010-09-14remove Glib::ustring from libardour; allow any characters except '/' and '\' ...Paul Davis
2010-09-02fix a variety of unused argument errors noted by gcc 4.3.2 on x86Paul Davis
2010-03-16changes from 2.X starting in march 2009 through oct 20 2009 (5826 inclusive)Paul Davis
2009-10-14Strip trailing whitespace and fix other whitespace errors (e.g. space/tab mix...David Robillard
2009-02-25*** NEW CODING POLICY ***David Robillard
2009-01-21Rework Port class hierarchy a bit. Hopefully now simpler, and shouldCarl Hetherington
2008-06-02rollback to 3428, before the mysterious removal of libs/* at 3431/3432Paul Davis
2008-06-02remove empty sigc++2 directoryDoug McLain
2007-06-29Reduce overhead of multi-type-ness (last Summer's SoC):David Robillard
2006-08-31- Fixed port adding/removing/connecting and related bugs with route signal pathDavid Robillard
2006-08-12Towards MIDI:David Robillard
2006-08-11- Replaced integer port counts (and input/output maximum/minimum) with ChanCo...David Robillard
2006-08-11- Changed IO's vector<Port*>'s to PortListDavid Robillard