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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-18globally change all use of "frame" to refer to audio into "sample".Paul Davis
2017-04-19Use XMLNode::get/set_property API in ARDOUR::AudioPlaylistSource classTim Mayberry
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-06-08consistent API name for region-listRobin Gareus
2016-05-04OMNIBUS COMMIT: prefer const XMLNode::property method (and provide a real one)Paul Davis
2015-09-10use FileSource::within_session() for peak-filesRobin Gareus
2015-09-10rework peakfile handling:Robin Gareus
2015-09-03Fixes case where audiofiles used wrong peakfilesMathias Buhr
2015-09-03Use const reference and renames variableMathias Buhr
2014-11-14add abort() to non-reached codeRobin Gareus
2013-03-31more work on the suprisingly ongoing filename/path/origin issuePaul Davis
2013-03-21fix nasty crash when using double-nested compound (consolidated) regions caus...Paul Davis
2012-07-25convert from Glib:: to Glib::Threads for all thread-related APIPaul Davis
2012-06-23Use std::string instead of PBD::sys::path in pbd/search_path.h, pbd/file_util...Tim Mayberry
2012-05-24Remove over 500 unnecessary includes (including 54 of session.h).David Robillard
2011-09-30fixes for 98% of all the warnings/errors reported by OS X gcc on tigerPaul Davis
2011-07-02Fix some set-but-not-used variable warnings from gcc 4.6Carl Hetherington
2011-06-22remove some debug outputPaul Davis
2011-06-22second half of "bomb out if playlist construction from XML fails"Paul Davis
2011-06-01Fix broken whitespace. I'd apologize for the compile times if it was my faul...David Robillard
2011-05-29don't always rebuild peakfiles for compound regionsPaul Davis
2011-05-28clean up memory leaks with nested source read buffersPaul Davis
2011-05-28putative fix for crashes related to diskstream playback buffer refills with c...Paul Davis
2011-05-26more combine/uncombine fixes including making uncombine push the compound reg...Paul Davis
2011-05-16rename join regions op as combine regions; save and restore nested playlists,...Paul Davis
2011-05-16refactor playlist sources to allow for MIDI and upcoming work on save/restorePaul Davis
2011-05-16sane naming scheme for combined regions; fix deadlock when nesting to more th...Paul Davis
2011-05-16very basic Join (regions) editing operation. not finished yet, no undoable, n...Paul Davis
2011-05-13initial volley of work for AudioPlaylistSource, the basic prototype for sourc...Paul Davis