path: root/libs/ardour/ardour/session.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-19Don't save the session when creating bussesRobin Gareus
2020-05-19NO-OP: replace `save_state("")` with `save_state()`Robin Gareus
2020-05-13update DiskReader loop delick objects when loop changesPaul Davis
2020-05-13reinstate Session::loop_changing to avoid problems when locating to start of ...Paul Davis
2020-05-12remove Session::loop_changingPaul Davis
2020-05-09LTC Generator: prefer LatencyUpdated signalRobin Gareus
2020-05-07add new template methods for "foreach {route,track}" and use themPaul Davis
2020-05-07Remove unused variableRobin Gareus
2020-05-07Send LTC timecode from engine contextRobin Gareus
2020-05-07Change LTC Generator from IO to PortRobin Gareus
2020-04-27Skip delayline updates if no change is requiredRobin Gareus
2020-04-26Remove duplicate i/o latency calculationRobin Gareus
2020-04-24make Session::should_ignore_transport_request() non-constPaul Davis
2020-04-18RAII collect processor-change signals6.0-rc1Robin Gareus
2020-04-07API change: LatencyUpdated(), indicate playback/captureRobin Gareus
2020-04-03Allow to disable input auto-connect when creating tracksRobin Gareus
2020-04-02Don't issue VersionMismatch when creating a new sessionJohannes Mueller
2020-03-25if user chooses not to delete a scratch session, removed the file that identi...Paul Davis
2020-03-24when saving an unnamed session, rename itPaul Davis
2020-03-24a better approach to the name of the "unnamed" indicator file; remove file af...Paul Davis
2020-03-24introduce the idea of an "unnamed" sessionPaul Davis
2020-03-23add in timing for disk buffer reload after locate, to replace hard-coded 0.05...Paul Davis
2020-03-20redesign chasing the transport masterPaul Davis
2020-03-17provide mechanism to report on destructive tracks presence in a sessionPaul Davis
2020-03-17NOOP: indent/whitespacePaul Davis
2020-03-17remove destructive/tape mode tracksPaul Davis
2020-03-13add new API to TransportMasterManager to manage use of DiskReader::{inc,dec}_...Paul Davis
2020-03-06Do not de-click during freewheel exportRobin Gareus
2020-03-06Separate pre-roll cycle calculationRobin Gareus
2020-02-27Add signals to indicate Punch/Loop constraintsRobin Gareus
2020-02-27Prevent concurrent loop and punch recording (backend)Robin Gareus
2020-02-20change transport API, session API, transportFSM API to move reverse managemen...Paul Davis
2020-02-19remove "destination_sample" from API for Session::set_transport_speed()Paul Davis
2020-02-18Replace missing .mid files with silenceRobin Gareus
2020-01-30Allow StateProtector to save pending filesRobin Gareus
2020-01-26Fix the ability to set Session Start&End Range on a new, empty sessionBen Loftis
2020-01-23add Session::locate_initiated()Paul Davis
2020-01-23remove no-longer used PostTransportWork bits and renumber the restPaul Davis
2020-01-20fix API and use of Session::force_locate()Paul Davis
2020-01-18rename DoTheRightThing to RollIfAppropriatePaul Davis
2020-01-18Session::request_locate() takes a tri-valued second argument for "roll-after-...Paul Davis
2020-01-03NOOP: line refoldingPaul Davis
2019-12-31remove MIDI Control input and output ports from session-level objectsPaul Davis
2019-12-29add Session::transport_stopped_or_stopping()Paul Davis
2019-12-27add new Session method to return the worst_latency_preroll() value rounded up...Paul Davis
2019-12-27remove unused memberPaul Davis
2019-12-25Use weak-ptr for source added/removed signals (1/2)Robin Gareus
2019-12-25Prevent copy-construction of sources to be destroyed listRobin Gareus
2019-12-17Convert Disksteam & Playlists from old 2.x sessionsRobin Gareus
2019-12-16reinstate missing latency initialization codePaul Davis