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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-18Consistent Lua script error and print() output 2/2Robin Gareus
2020-04-18First part of translation reviewJulien '_FrnchFrgg_' RIVAUD
2020-04-18Update French po files from codeJulien '_FrnchFrgg_' RIVAUD
2020-04-18Allow to hide inline-controls using shift+right clickRobin Gareus
2020-04-17Prefer PBD::Unwinder to temporarily change a variableRobin Gareus
2020-04-17shift-tab generates shift-iso_left_tab so fix MIDI editing bindingsPaul Davis
2020-04-17fix name of MIDI editing actionPaul Davis
2020-04-17expand everything for a key editor tab is there is only 1 child nodePaul Davis
2020-04-17Fix canvas scroll-event zoom-focusRobin Gareus
2020-04-17change default (non-modified) transpose kbd action to use 1 semitonePaul Davis
2020-04-17do not reset import status to cancel for every path imported before starting;...Paul Davis
2020-04-17when re-entering the track canvas in internal edit mode, ensure that kbd focu...Paul Davis
2020-04-17fix actions names & description for note transport to reflect semitone not tonePaul Davis
2020-04-17remove debug outputPaul Davis
2020-04-17Allow to override zoom-focus to mouseRobin Gareus
2020-04-16more sane design for MidiRegionView::nudge_notes()Paul Davis
2020-04-16remove debug outputPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix names and add descriptions of MIDI actionsPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix some MIDI keybindingsPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix namespaces for MIDI note bindingsPaul Davis
2020-04-16changes to deal with region/note selection when changing into/out of internal...Paul Davis
2020-04-16bindings for MIDI editing operationsPaul Davis
2020-04-16NOOP: use braces as per style guidePaul Davis
2020-04-16use new API to get selected MIDI regions and clear current note selection in ...Paul Davis
2020-04-16MidiRegionView no longer handles any keypresses or alters editor "note select...Paul Davis
2020-04-16NOOP: newline removalPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix up action names for MIDI editingPaul Davis
2020-04-16change Selection object to be more clear about the status of MidiRegionViews ...Paul Davis
2020-04-16add a bunch of argument-free methods to MidiRegionView for use as actionsPaul Davis
2020-04-16change algorithm for activation/propagation of key events to allow multiple b...Paul Davis
2020-04-16Fix another typo #8016Robin Gareus
2020-04-16Fix typos #8016Robin Gareus
2020-04-16Update German translationEdgar Aichinger
2020-04-16Update french translation #8016Robin Gareus
2020-04-15Disable spill when target-bus is removed #8014Robin Gareus
2020-04-15Fix typos, consistent translatable stringsEdgar Aichinger
2020-04-15Add automation lane for poly-key-pressureRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Only CCs can have custom MIDNAM labelsRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Prefer parameter_is_midi() API, fixes PolyKeyPressureRobin Gareus
2020-04-15NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Fix assert when showing embedded LV2 plugin UI -- #8013Robin Gareus
2020-04-15Update labels in MIDI Automation Lanes when MIDNAM changesRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Update CC Automation menu when MIDNAM changesRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Limited listed CC-channels to ChannelNameSet channelsRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Quick and dirty dropping support for rippling across tracksJohannes Mueller
2020-04-14Fix #8012 to some extent.Johannes Mueller
2020-04-14changed text for adding a foldback send from monitorLen Ovens
2020-04-14Keep string markdown untranslatableRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Drag/Drop import region to where it was droppedRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Make import-dialog independent of only-copy preferenceRobin Gareus