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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-30Adapt our remaining MSVC projects for 'boost::atomic' (in case it later gets ...John Emmas
2018-09-10Initial changes needed for building Mixbus (with MSVC) as version 5John Emmas
2018-02-15When building with MSVC, allow for the fact that Mixbus and Ardour can be usi...John Emmas
2018-02-14Accommodate the change from libtimecode to libtemporalJohn Emmas
2017-07-19MSVC changes needed to implement the new 'waveview' libraryJohn Emmas
2016-08-30Update our MSVC project files to generate the most recent Ardour session file...John Emmas
2016-04-04Modify our MSVC projects to build liblua as a DLL rather than a static libJohn Emmas
2015-06-09Add the new (UINTSDEFINED) preprocessor directive to all out MSVC projects (j...John Emmas
2015-03-13Fix some build anomalies between PROGRAM_NAME and PROGRAM_VERSIONJohn Emmas
2015-01-10Accommodate a newly introduced #define ('LIBARDOUR') when building with MSVCJohn Emmas
2014-11-08Add a small dummy command to a couple of MSVC build projectsJohn Emmas
2014-11-04Remove an unneeded icon when building the VST scanner app with MSVCJohn Emmas
2014-11-04Add some new modules, needed for building the VST scanner app with MSVCJohn Emmas