AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-28PT import: Refactor away from Editor into Sessionptimport-saveDamien Zammit
2018-09-28libptformat: Add ability to reuse object && add path to ptf to apiDamien Zammit
2018-09-22Accommodate newly added/renamed source(s) in our MSVC project (libardour)John Emmas
2018-09-22Accommodate newly introduced source(s) in our MSVC project (gtk2_ardour)John Emmas
2018-09-22LCXL: fix off by one cause by fader8masterJan Lentfer
2018-09-22LCXL: Fix a crash on exitJan Lentfer
2018-09-22no more slave.hPaul Davis
2018-09-22use abs() instead of fabs() on integersPaul Davis
2018-09-22Revert "MSVC complains because we're using 'fabs()' to compare 2 x integers"Paul Davis
2018-09-22remove old slave filesPaul Davis
2018-09-22Replace a namespace brace deleted by accidentJohn Emmas
2018-09-22Remove some namespace ambiguityJohn Emmas
2018-09-22Remove 2 x unneeded functions in 'SlaveSessionProxy'John Emmas
2018-09-22MSVC complains because we're using 'fabs()' to compare 2 x integersJohn Emmas
2018-09-21Fix typo: emit signal (don't construct an object)Robin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (5/5), i18n.h include order in gtk2_ardourRobin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (4/5), i18n include order in libs/*Robin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (3/5), prefer #if in gtk2_ardourRobin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (2/5), prefer #if in libsRobin Gareus
2018-09-21Fix --no-nls (1/5): ENABLE_NLS = 1/0 configRobin Gareus
2018-09-20Fix metronome emphasis preference (#7666)Robin Gareus
2018-09-20missing enum/properties stuffPaul Davis
2018-09-20switch transport masters to use properties and notify via PropertyChangedPaul Davis
2018-09-19AppData: 'revision' in is expected in the 2nd lineGuido Aulisi
2018-09-19generate with one item per lineNils Philippsen
2018-09-19AppData release tags need a date to be validNils Philippsen
2018-09-19Remove ambiguity of Gtk and Windows APIRobin Gareus
2018-09-18namespace change to help out on non-linux platformsPaul Davis
2018-09-18do not initialize boost::shared_ptr<> with zeroPaul Davis
2018-09-18boost/atomic.hpp is not usedPaul Davis
2018-09-18new transport slave/master implementation, gui editionPaul Davis
2018-09-18new transport slave/master implementation, libs/ editionPaul Davis
2018-09-18OSC: Allow personal monitor to change output connectionLen Ovens
2018-09-16Fix crash when re-assigning groupsRobin Gareus
2018-09-13Implement new Enclosed region equivalence modeColin Fletcher
2018-09-11Oops - I got the session file numbers the wrong way around :-(John Emmas
2018-09-11Update Lua LTC decoder (API change in d7dc224d)Robin Gareus
2018-09-11LTC-file reader: offset frame position (not timecode)Robin Gareus
2018-09-11Fix LTC file-reader -- closes #7661Robin Gareus
2018-09-10OSC: Personal monitoring can add a new auxLen Ovens
2018-09-10Initial changes needed for building Mixbus (with MSVC) as version 5John Emmas
2018-09-06Add missing cast (NoteButton to TrackButton)Robin Gareus
2018-09-06Fix an invalid conversion from 'int' to non-scalar.Robin Gareus
2018-09-04LCXL: Refactor code to use boost::shared_ptrJan Lentfer
2018-09-03Fix shared_ptr initializationRobin Gareus
2018-09-02use boost::shared_ptr<> to manage Button/Pad lifetimes in Push2 codePaul Davis
2018-09-01Restore mixer scroll offset after spillRobin Gareus
2018-08-30LCXL: Fix check if ports existTérence Clastres
2018-08-30P2: Fix check if ports existRobin Gareus
2018-08-29LCXL: Fix two crashesJan Lentfer