AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-24Adjust the indication of the treshold value by the makup Mueller
2017-06-24Also the stereo version needs to set need_exposeJohannes Mueller
2017-06-24Show a-comp's makeup grain in inline renderingJohannes Mueller
2017-06-11a-EQ: Tweak knob layout to be less confusingDamien Zammit
2017-06-11Fix thinko in 9581cb26 - scratch-buffer can't be used recursively.Robin Gareus
2017-06-10OSC: add option to send /reply instead of #reply (OSC1.0 compat)Len Ovens
2017-06-10Emit Session::Located only if _engine.transport_frame() is up to dateJohannes Mueller
2017-06-10Make Session::backend_sync_callback() emit Session::LocatedJohannes Mueller
2017-06-10semantically more correct ordering of previous commitPaul Davis
2017-06-10linker-agnostic version of recent commit to get ControlProtocol selection sta...Paul Davis
2017-06-10Implement slaved boolean automation and update mute special-caseRobin Gareus
2017-06-10Restore VCA Automation stateRobin Gareus
2017-06-10amend a1b4f9b8ab - handle disconnecting from all mastersRobin Gareus
2017-06-09set first selected stripable for control protocols before they are instantiatedPaul Davis
2017-06-09NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2017-06-09Fix deletion of VCA with slaved controls.Robin Gareus
2017-06-10NoteCreateDrag - Fix incorrect note length due to use of region-relative posi...nick_m
2017-06-09Remove Automatable::value_as_string API from libardourRobin Gareus
2017-06-09Update GUI, drop Automatable::value_as_string() APIRobin Gareus
2017-06-09Prepare to eventually drop Automatable::value_as_string()Robin Gareus
2017-06-09Prepare AutomationTimeAxisView for non-route (VCA) automationRobin Gareus
2017-06-09a-EQ: Revert one of the previous changesDamien Zammit
2017-06-09Fix incorrect positioning of tempo line subdivisions if first meter is non-zeronick_m
2017-06-09Add a method for obtaining the frame position of beat/whatever zeronick_m
2017-06-08Fix crash when showing plugin-UI in safe-modeRobin Gareus
2017-06-09TempoLines deletes its bfc on destructionnick_m
2017-06-09Tempo lines display subdivisions correctly over a tempo changenick_m
2017-06-09Fix reversed logic in legacy tempo secton detectionnick_m
2017-06-09Delete tempo lines when session goes awaynick_m
2017-06-08Do not duplicate note id in copy constructornick_m
2017-06-08Remove debugging from TempoTest::qnDistanceTestRamp ()nick_m
2017-06-08Fix uninitialised tempo section variablenick_m
2017-06-08Fix rec-box w/count-inRobin Gareus
2017-06-08Update LuaDialog example script to include File/Folder selectionRobin Gareus
2017-06-08Add a file-chooser LuaDialog WidgetRobin Gareus
2017-06-07cut buffer must not mess around with libardour selectionPaul Davis
2017-06-08a-EQ: DSP bugfixDamien Zammit
2017-06-06OSC: add optional paging to sends in select.Len Ovens
2017-06-06Fix a-EQ when parameter changes are very slowNil Geisweiller
2017-06-03add route dialog now has "Add" and "Add and Close" buttons. "Add" keeps dial...Daniel Sheeler
2017-06-03Apply VCA master gain automation to Amp (Fader, Trim)Robin Gareus
2017-06-03Add infrastructure for evaluating VCA automation curvesRobin Gareus
2017-06-03amend 67f9f6fd: no recursive ReaderLockRobin Gareus
2017-06-03add const-ness: Evaluating a curve does not change it.Robin Gareus
2017-06-03Add a scratch buffer for automation.Robin Gareus
2017-06-03NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2017-06-02Import Dialog is Window. Dialog Esc behavior needs to be emulated.Robin Gareus
2017-06-01Remove "Close" button from import-dialog (prefer WM close button)Robin Gareus
2017-05-31if actively recording, prevent interaction between mouse and audio clock widg...Paul Davis
2017-05-31OSC: Some surfaces may use float for ssid. Accept this too.Len Ovens