BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autestWIP auDamien Zammit2 years
auv2WIP: AUv2Damien Zammit18 months
mastertravis: Fix path to final binaries for deployDamien Zammit10 months
zamtube-bothZamTube: Use steady state solution instead of warming up circuit manually eve...Damien Zammit10 months
zamtube-experimentModel getting there, except output is -400VDamien Zammit11 months
zamtube-gridleakZamTube: Best so far!Damien Zammit11 months
zamtube-mosfetZamTube: Remove gain compensation on tonestacks, unneeded nowDamien Zammit11 months
zamtube-optimiseZamTube: Use thevenin equivalent for tube as a voltage generator + variable r...Damien Zammit11 months
zamtube-sixtiesZamTube: Increase Co capacitance for higher cutoff on output lowpassDamien Zammit11 months
zamtube-weirddiodeWIP: More bass, tone stacks respondDamien Zammit11 months
3.14commit e7077fcc0b...Damien Zammit10 months
3.13commit 8cd23d7810...Damien Zammit14 months
3.12commit 87fdee6e87...Damien Zammit22 months
3.11commit af338057e4...Damien Zammit2 years
3.10commit a3321af189...Damien Zammit4 years
3.9commit 4976cf2040...Damien Zammit4 years
3.8commit 830ab2e9dd...Damien Zammit5 years
3.7commit 932046905a...Damien Zammit5 years
3.6.1traviscommit d7435d75de...Damien Zammit5 years
3.6commit 91fe56931a...Damien Zammit6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-20travis: Fix path to final binaries for deployHEAD3.14masterDamien Zammit
2020-12-20Version 3.14Damien Zammit
2020-12-20ZamTube: Fix tonestack controls not updatingDamien Zammit
2020-12-16ZamTube: Use steady state solution instead of warming up circuit manually eve...zamtube-bothDamien Zammit
2020-12-06ZamTube: Don't recompute tonestacks every cycle, only when switch position ch...Damien Zammit
2020-12-05ZamTube: Remove capacitor Ci on sixties model to be consistent with best modelDamien Zammit
2020-12-05ZamTube: Partially revert, don't lose quality but keep accurate VakGuessDamien Zammit
2020-12-04ZamTube: Optimise Newton-Raphson initial guess and lower the epsilon thresholdDamien Zammit
2020-12-02ZamTube: Fix default tube modeDamien Zammit
2020-12-01ZamTube: Introduce two modes of operation toggled by the insane switchDamien Zammit