BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fix_xorFind start of wav list more consistently in ptxDamien Zammit4 years
masteradded hyperlink to ProtoolsDilineshan2 years
pt5experimentExperimenting with pt5Damien Zammit6 years
ptxCleanup and remove "this"Damien Zammit6 years
resetFixed start offset byte-lengthDamien Zammit6 years
tracksMaking good progressDamien Zammit6 years
legacycommit fd842e5b3b...Damien Zammit2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-01added hyperlink to ProtoolsHEADmasterDilineshan
2019-09-01Hyperlink added to ardour text and spacial formatting under headersVictoria Lynne
2019-08-31change the heading style to make it specific30346044
2019-08-25version detection: Rewrite parse_version to be smarter based on blocksDamien Zammit
2019-07-14tests: Add v12 test for basic audioDamien Zammit
2019-07-14Drop fade regions that we don't know how to handle && fix samplerate scaling ...Damien Zammit
2019-06-24Remove incorrect memset() on a vectorDamien Zammit
2019-06-24Directly allocate a std::string -- remove strndup()/free()Robin Gareus
2019-06-24Don't expose static methods that don't use members.Robin Gareus
2019-06-22Remove nesting limit && fix wasted time recursively scanning regions with no ...Damien Zammit