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2014-01-06Document controller values for Moog Minitaur.David Robillard
2013-01-20Comment out duplicate controls. I think there's an error in the manual?David Robillard
2013-01-20Fix incorrect controller numbers in Minitaur midnam file.David Robillard
2013-01-20Clean up midnam data, consistently name default mode "Default"David Robillard
2013-01-19Unfortunately it seems that MIDINameDocument can not express control groups, ...David Robillard
2013-01-19Ram all midnam files through xmllint --format and get something halfway respe...David Robillard
2013-01-19Valid midnam file for Moog MinitaurDavid Robillard
2013-01-16Preliminary support for named MIDI controllers via midname files.David Robillard