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2020-05-09MIDI binding map for Nektar PanoramaPaul Davis
2020-02-23Clean up top-level source treeRobin Gareus
2018-12-23Fix dead-link to manualRobin Gareus
2018-03-13Novation LaunchKey 49 bindings from Michael McLeodRobin Gareus
2018-01-31Create M-Audio_Axiom_AIR_Mini_32.mapShawn Doherty
2017-05-12Midi map for Alesis QX25Len Ovens
2017-04-16Fixed the loop controllicorne-sama
2017-04-16Create midi map for Arturia's KeyLab 49licorne-sama
2017-04-14Added Korg Studio midi-map. Fixed Editor/CommonRobert Schneider
2017-04-10Update Korg Nano Kontrol2 MIDI maps from Philippe DemartinLen Ovens
2016-12-01Use correct action in map for Korg nanoKontrol2Tobi Stadelmaier
2016-10-04Akai MIDIMix map -- Squashed commit of the following:eighthkeepa
2016-10-04Create AKAI_MIDIMix_Normal_Mode.mapeighthkeepa
2016-03-082 new MIDI maps from sam tuke ( Davis
2016-03-08Tweaked comments in mapping file because they relate to loop and recordGuy Sherman
2016-03-08Created updated mapping for M-Audio Axiom Air 25Guy Sherman
2016-03-05Add MIDI map for the M-Audio Oxygen 61 v3 (preset 1).Sebastiaan Lokhorst
2016-02-01Generic MIDI: ffwd, rewd buttons should do the expectedBen Loftis
2016-01-30Add track select buttons to Launchkey map.Ben Loftis
2016-01-26add Novation_LaunchKey25.mapBen Loftis
2016-01-23Added midi map file for AKAI MPK MINIRobert Schneider
2016-01-14Generic MIDI: add ToggleRecEnable action, and change all maps to use that in...Ben Loftis
2016-01-05add new MIDI binding map for Novation Impulse 49Paul Davis
2015-11-20add Yamaha KX25 midi-map from Gerard AberkromRobin Gareus
2015-07-10Add a midimap for WiiMote via midikb.Len Ovens
2015-05-27add new MIDI map file for M-Audio Oxygen 49, from Erik DerooPaul Davis
2015-04-25midi map for the Axiom61Edgar Aichinger
2014-12-04Alois Cochard Add MIDI map for the control surface.Paul Davis
2014-04-28finish unfinished work at basing all install paths on the program namePaul Davis
2014-02-14add new MIDI binding map for AKAI MPK61 (from Glen MacArthur)Paul Davis
2014-01-18fix XML parser error:Robin Gareus
2014-01-16new basic MIDI map for m-audio oxygen-25Paul Davis
2014-01-14new MIDI binding map for Roland V-Studio 20, from Keith (Milner?)Paul Davis
2013-09-10new generic MIDI binding map for Novation Impulse 61 from Alexandre ProkoudinePaul Davis
2012-07-09fix transport controls in Korg NanoControl binding map (from jaaxxone)Paul Davis
2012-07-09new Korg Nanocontrol2 maps from phdemartinPaul Davis
2012-06-26Alternate Korg nanoKONTROL map from JaaxxOne (#4954).Carl Hetherington
2012-06-26Patch from JaaxxOne to fix rec-enable toggle with theCarl Hetherington
2012-06-25Patch from royvegard to add a set-bank midi functionCarl Hetherington
2012-03-07Add motorised attribute to DeviceInfo for generic MIDI maps so thatCarl Hetherington
2012-03-06Add rough MIDI map for the Behringer BCF2000 in Mackie emulation mode.Carl Hetherington
2011-11-02Patch from acolomb to fix installation of midi_maps (#4430).Carl Hetherington
2011-10-14new Emu Xboard 61 binding map from mcgruffPaul Davis
2011-04-02put the Roland SI-24 MIDI map into SVNPaul Davis
2011-04-02more MIDI binding map syntax correctionsPaul Davis
2011-04-02fix unclosed XML comment in korg MIDI mapPaul Davis
2011-03-25fix mis-parsed syntax in DDX3216 MIDI binding map - thanks libxml2Paul Davis
2010-11-29new DDX3216 MIDI map from Quentin HarleyPaul Davis
2010-11-27fix illegal syntax in bcf2000 MIDI bindingsPaul Davis
2010-11-26new MIDI binding maps for Korg nanoKontrol and M-Audio Axiom 25 from Chooch S...Paul Davis