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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-19add mcp device files for artist series controllersBen Loftis
2016-02-18add MCP device file for Nucleus-via-platform MIDI4.7Paul Davis
2016-02-06Mackie: Behringer XT Compact has transport buttonsBen Loftis
2016-02-04mackie: change name of default user profilePaul Davis
2016-02-04Mackie protocol: Remove unused MCP .device and .profile filesBen Loftis
2016-02-03zero more stuff out when leaving subview modePaul Davis
2016-01-31Mackie protocol: XTouch profile with expanded editing optionsBen Loftis
2016-01-29Mackie Protocol: HasSeparateMeters flag for X-Touch devicesBen Loftis
2016-01-29Added Behringer X-Touch device files.Ben Loftis
2015-11-26Mackie Control: Disable Selected group in User/Selected view mode to allow in...Len Ovens
2015-11-18add new (unfinished) device info file for FaderPortPaul Davis
2015-10-13introduce separate-meters concept for Mackie.Paul Davis
2015-10-03add DeviceType specifier for mackie devices.Paul Davis
2015-10-02initial pass at a profile (key bindings) for MCU Pro surface.Paul Davis
2015-09-08Added Mackie device files for three surfaces.Len Ovens
2015-08-22Add MCP device files for extender use.Len Ovens
2015-07-27Added MasterPosition value=0 to all mcp device files as this is saved and wil...Len Ovens
2015-06-04Clean up mackie surface profile editor from things that don't work or match t...Len Ovens
2014-11-14bcf2000: make play button toggle rollJeremy Carter
2014-11-14Fix ChannelLeft command in BCF2000 mackie profileJeremy Carter
2014-09-11add new MCP device file for original Mackie ControlPaul Davis
2014-04-28finish unfinished work at basing all install paths on the program namePaul Davis
2013-08-08new Mackie Control device file for Qcon controller (from #5634)Paul Davis
2012-05-25new device profile for BCF2000 from James RobertsPaul Davis
2012-05-24add BCF2000 device info file for MCPPaul Davis
2012-05-24remove unused segmented display parameter from MCP device info filesPaul Davis
2012-05-20add newlinePaul Davis
2012-05-20add MCP device file for Steinberg CMC seriesPaul Davis
2012-05-18major rationalization of use of search paths. ardour now has just 4 functions...Paul Davis
2012-04-30revert SSL Nucleus device info to use builtin ipMIDIPaul Davis
2012-04-30fix up some const-ness issues starting from Evoral::Event::set(), and interse...Paul Davis
2012-04-25MCP: dynamic ipMIDI ports, more default key bindings, various minor fixesPaul Davis
2012-04-24add support for IP MIDI (multicast MIDI over IP UDP sockets) to ardour and us...Paul Davis
2012-04-18MCP: some button handling fixesPaul Davis
2012-04-18MCP:maybe functioning button binding stuff, plus save-to-disk-on-change (stil...Paul Davis
2012-04-17MCP: somewhat functional (?) full keybinding GUIPaul Davis
2012-04-17MCP: first profile filePaul Davis
2012-04-17MCP: various work on the button binding GUIPaul Davis