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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-15VCA API-change: return created VCAs (handy for Lua scripts)Robin Gareus
2017-08-18Add Lua binding to un/assign VCAsRobin Gareus
2017-08-06Emit SelectionChange when VCA is removedRobin Gareus
2017-06-17Fix stripable order for new strips & master-orderRobin Gareus
2017-04-19Use PBD::to_string from pbd/string_convert.h in ARDOUR::VCAManagerTim Mayberry
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-07-08signed VCA numbersPaul Davis
2016-06-02mark session dirty on creation/deletion of a VCAPaul Davis
2016-05-31remove debug outputPaul Davis
2016-05-31use (possibly null) macros to mark VCAs for boost shared ptr debuggingPaul Davis
2016-05-31API and implementation tweaks for destroying VCAsPaul Davis
2016-05-31save and restore vca assignmentsPaul Davis
2016-05-31improve cleanup of VCA related objectsPaul Davis
2016-05-31clear all solo state should affect VCAs tooPaul Davis
2016-05-31redesign Route and VCA objects to inherit from ARDOUR::StripablePaul Davis
2016-05-31correctly restore VCA-VCA slave/master relationships at session load timePaul Davis
2016-05-31fix deadlock caused by VCA=>VCA slaving and set_state()Paul Davis
2016-05-31fix ambiguity in VCA constructorsPaul Davis
2016-05-31change API for GainControl, VCA and VCAManagerPaul Davis
2016-05-31fix VCA name/numberPaul Davis
2016-05-31mostly restore VCA state on session loading.Paul Davis
2016-05-31add a bit of state to VCAManagerPaul Davis
2016-05-31expand and improve VCA APIPaul Davis
2016-05-31first pass at making the GUI for a VCA visiblePaul Davis
2016-05-31initial implementation of a VCA Manager objectPaul Davis