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2017-09-18globally change all use of "frame" to refer to audio into "sample".Paul Davis
2017-06-10Make Session::backend_sync_callback() emit Session::LocatedJohannes Mueller
2016-12-08Clarify "frames" (video, timecode) vs "samples" (audio)Robin Gareus
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-05-27Tempo ramps - rename bbt_time() -> bbt_at_frame(), frame_time() -> frame_at_b...nick_m
2016-04-18never ever change sample-rate saved with the session after creation.Robin Gareus
2013-11-05fix incorrect use of sizeof() in snprintf (function never actually used in ar...Paul Davis
2013-09-19switch from JACK_Slave to Engine_SlavePaul Davis
2013-08-09split up session code that uses parts of the JACK API (timebase + session eve...Paul Davis finally compilesPaul Davis
2013-02-01Remove debug print about transport sync.David Robillard
2012-12-14merge robin gareus' libltc into ardour source tree for conveniencePaul Davis
2012-11-13implement TC offset for slave&generator.Robin Gareus
2012-11-13complete r13404 - use double for timecode fps.Robin Gareus
2012-10-13move sample/timecode conversion to libtimecode.Robin Gareus
2012-10-12MTC: map between timecodesRobin Gareus
2012-10-12move TimecodeFormat to libtimecodeRobin Gareus
2012-05-24Remove over 500 unnecessary includes (including 54 of session.h).David Robillard
2012-01-06remove messages when tempo map is not available in RT contextPaul Davis
2012-01-06partially revert some of the recent work on tempo to reflect new understandin...Paul Davis
2012-01-05remove un-needed TempoMap::frame_time_rt()Paul Davis
2012-01-05possibly fix deadlocking issues with tempo map by rearranging code and adding...Paul Davis
2012-01-02intermediate commit as all tempo/meter stuff starts to walk the precompute Ba...Paul Davis
2011-12-19rename Timecode::BBT_Time::ticks_per_beat to Timecode::BBT_Time::ticks_per_ba...Paul Davis
2011-12-13more fun and games with meter and the tempo map: rename Meter::beats_per_bar(...Paul Davis
2010-12-30change Session::convert_to_frames_at() to Session::convert_to_frames() to ref...Paul Davis
2010-12-14move ticks per beat from Meter to Timecode::BBT_Time, add new constructor for...Paul Davis
2010-12-14Rename libmusictime libtimecode (consistent with already used namespace "Time...David Robillard
2010-12-03Remove all use of nframes_t.Carl Hetherington
2010-12-01Re-expose timecode offset in the session option editor.Carl Hetherington
2010-12-01Revert previous incorrect patch.Carl Hetherington
2010-12-01Remove unused timecode offset stuff.Carl Hetherington
2010-11-04Add column headings and length field to export timespan selector. Fixes #3518.Carl Hetherington
2010-09-17megaopus commit: (1) add __STD_(LIMIT|FORMAT)_MACROS to command line flags fo...Paul Davis
2010-08-31don't set jack transport position frame (violates JACK API); clean up other r...Paul Davis
2010-07-22remove a bunch of uses of long (mostly replaced by int32_t)Paul Davis
2009-12-01more changes to try to improve MTC handling even in slightly pathological casesPaul Davis
2009-11-08monster commit: transport mgmt changes from 2.X (omnibus edition); make slave...Paul Davis
2009-10-27new SnapBBT debug option, split out BBT_time and start work on BBT arithmetic...Paul Davis
2009-10-26change the use of "SMPTE" to "Timecode" to reflect the global economy and the...Paul Davis
2009-10-14Strip trailing whitespace and fix other whitespace errors (e.g. space/tab mix...David Robillard
2009-07-21Fix some unused parameter warnings.Carl Hetherington
2009-07-13merge pre- and post-fader processor boxes; start removing Placement (not fini...Paul Davis
2009-05-16Remove preferences menu options that have been moved into one or other prefer...Carl Hetherington
2009-05-16Move some sync-related options to being session variables.Carl Hetherington
2009-05-14First stage of options rework.Carl Hetherington
2009-05-12Remove most using declarations from header files.Carl Hetherington
2009-02-25*** NEW CODING POLICY ***David Robillard
2008-09-17merge Sakari's (sbergen) branch back into 3.0, removing libsndfile and adding...Paul Davis
2008-06-02rollback to 3428, before the mysterious removal of libs/* at 3431/3432Paul Davis