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2017-11-01Wrap automation on loop-position, split plugin processingRobin Gareus
2017-10-31Move Loop Location to ProcessorsRobin Gareus
2017-10-04Clean up State API:Robin Gareus
2017-09-29Add Processor API for global session-transport alignmentRobin Gareus
2017-09-19Various updates and fixes for Latency CompensationRobin Gareus
2017-09-18globally change all use of "frame" to refer to audio into "sample".Paul Davis
2017-09-18set + store signal chain latency for all processors; DiskWriter sets its capt...Paul Davis
2017-09-18more DEBUG::Destruction messagesPaul Davis
2017-07-01Remove old libardour API for plugin UIsRobin Gareus
2017-04-19Use PBD::string_to<bool> in ARDOUR::Processor classTim Mayberry
2017-04-19Use XMLNode::get/set_property API in ARDOUR::Processor where possibleTim Mayberry
2017-04-19Use ID::to_s() in libardour instead of ID::print()Tim Mayberry
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-05-04OMNIBUS COMMIT: prefer const XMLNode::property method (and provide a real one)Paul Davis
2016-04-24plug some memory leaks in libardourRobin Gareus
2016-03-27prepare Pin Management GUIRobin Gareus
2015-10-05NOOP, remove trailing tabs/whitespace.Robin Gareus
2015-09-01Prepare option to disable Plugins completelyRobin Gareus
2015-03-21fix --disable-plugins (bypass ‘em all)Robin Gareus
2015-03-05fix import of v2 session redirects: active or inactiveBen Loftis
2014-11-29change ownership of processor window-proxyRobin Gareus
2013-11-22fix crash @ session-restore of plugins windowsRobin Gareus
2013-10-14add a back-pointer to the owner of a ProcessorPaul Davis
2012-05-24Remove over 500 unnecessary includes (including 54 of session.h).David Robillard
2012-03-13redesign how XML state, bitslots and names get propagated during copying a se...Paul Davis
2011-11-21Rename windows VST stuff with a Windows prefix.Carl Hetherington
2011-10-18changes for OS X support: change waf config define to COREAUDIO_SUPPORT, remo...Paul Davis
2011-10-18make Stateful::_id private and provide appropriate methods to set it, and use...Paul Davis
2011-09-30fixes for 98% of all the warnings/errors reported by OS X gcc on tigerPaul Davis
2011-07-15Save / restore processor _user_latency (another part of #4186).Carl Hetherington
2011-06-11major, substantive reworking of how we store GUI information (visibility, hei...Paul Davis
2011-06-01Fix broken whitespace. I'd apologize for the compile times if it was my faul...David Robillard
2011-05-25Doxygen tweaks.Carl Hetherington
2011-04-13Tolerate LV2 plugins that call persist/file state functions early.David Robillard
2011-02-07Fix warning.Carl Hetherington
2011-02-02Fix compiler warning.Carl Hetherington
2011-02-01store void pointers to processor UIs in Processors, and reset ProcessorWindow...Paul Davis
2011-01-11Prevent Processor classes messing with names when setting state from XML. Fi...Carl Hetherington
2010-12-10Fix deadlock on closing a send IO dialogue.Carl Hetherington
2010-09-18Fix save/reload of pan automation.Carl Hetherington
2010-08-24fix load+save of plugin parameter automationPaul Davis
2010-08-18First go at saving window visibility and position state across saves.Carl Hetherington
2010-08-07Call activate() on plugins when setting state so that they are initialised co...Carl Hetherington
2010-07-13Remove stub class.Carl Hetherington
2010-05-17Remove muting behaviour from the Amp processor. Fix some smallCarl Hetherington
2010-04-01revisit setting up processors during route construction; remove several more ...Paul Davis
2010-03-10how about that ... a monitor/main section .. GUI is still unfinished .. sever...Paul Davis
2010-02-23Fix various code quality issues found by cppcheck (e.g. uninitialized members...David Robillard
2009-12-19use new syntax for connecting to backend signals that enforces explicit conne...Paul Davis
2009-12-17switch to using boost::signals2 instead of sigc++, at least for libardour. no...Paul Davis