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2018-01-23Update Japanese translationHiroki Inagaki
2017-07-24update japanese translation (Hiroki Inagaki)Paul Davis
2017-07-18Fix french translation mistakeLéo Andrès
2017-06-17Update Japanese translation, including a fix for an issue that translation fo...Hiroki Inagaki
2017-03-17Update Japanese translationHiroki Inagaki
2017-02-13latest Czech translation for libs/ardour, from Pavel Fric (December 2016)Paul Davis
2017-02-12Update Japanese translationHiroki Inagaki
2017-01-22Update Japanese translationHiroki Inagaki
2017-01-15Add Japanese translationHiroki Inagaki
2017-01-05Undo (bad) fixOlivier Humbert
2017-01-05One fixOlivier Humbert
2017-01-05French translation updateOlivier Humbert
2016-11-30One fix.Olivier Humbert
2016-11-30French translation updateOlivier Humbert
2016-11-23catch up with .de translationEdgar Aichinger
2016-11-20update german translationEdgar Aichinger
2016-08-06update german translationEdgar Aichinger
2016-07-30Update Spanish translationpablus
2016-07-29Update French translationJulien "_FrnchFrgg_" RIVAUD
2016-07-24libs/ardour: update UK English localisationColin Fletcher
2016-07-17Another translation passJulien "_FrnchFrgg_" RIVAUD
2016-07-14another i18n/.po updatePaul Davis
2016-07-14another i18n/.po updatePaul Davis
2016-07-14regenerate and manually fix all PO files so that ./waf i18n doesn't generate ...Paul Davis
2016-06-28some more translation fixesRobin Gareus
2016-05-16updated .de translation from edogawaPaul Davis
2016-03-30update /libs/ardour/po/zh.po for 4.7-469-g3f71e66YQ-YSY
2016-03-30found 2 clerical errors, update Chinese translatioYQ-YSY
2016-02-22Spelling correction patch from DebianAdrian Knoth
2016-01-08Update Russian translationAlexandre Prokoudine
2016-01-05Update zh.poYQ-YSY
2015-12-23Update German Translation for libardourEdgar Aichinger
2015-12-16Update Russian translationAlexandre Prokoudine
2015-12-09update german translationEdgar Aichinger
2015-12-06Update Russian translationAlexandre Prokoudine
2015-08-13update german translation (from Edgar Aichinger)Paul Davis
2015-04-15update russian translationPaul Davis
2015-04-02Update libs/ardour UK English localisationColin Fletcher
2015-03-31updated i18n files from ./waf i18nPaul Davis
2015-03-30Update Russian translationAlexandre Prokoudine
2015-03-30update German Translation #6213Edgar Aichinger
2015-03-28French translation updateFrédéric Rech
2015-03-23update spanish translation, #6204pablus
2014-10-02Add UK English translation for libardourColin Fletcher
2014-09-04updated .po filesPaul Davis
2014-02-10i18n updates (specifically .de from edgar a, but also contains results of ./w...Paul Davis
2014-01-22Update Russian translationAlexandre Prokoudine
2013-11-05update .po files with --no-fuzzy-matching in usePaul Davis
2013-10-23remove fuzzy and obsolete translationsRobin Gareus
2013-10-15update russian translation (again)Paul Davis