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2017-10-04Clean up State API:Robin Gareus
2017-09-18globally change all use of "frame" to refer to audio into "sample".Paul Davis
2017-06-22Remove LocaleGuard from ARDOUR::MonitorProcessor state methodTim Mayberry
2017-04-25Fix conversion in 41b997a90 (monitor cut, invert)Robin Gareus
2017-04-19Use XMLNode::get/set_property API in ARDOUR::MonitorProcessorTim Mayberry
2017-04-16Fix indentation in MonitorProcessor::stateTim Mayberry
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-06-25major internal plugin & processor API change:Robin Gareus
2016-05-31change API of Controllable::Changed signal to include (from_self, GroupContro...Paul Davis
2016-05-07fix LocaleGuard contstructor (3dc77280)Robin Gareus
2016-05-05we always only use the "C" locale when saving.Robin Gareus
2016-05-04OMNIBUS COMMIT: prefer const XMLNode::property method (and provide a real one)Paul Davis
2016-01-08Expose overall monitor-processor stateRobin Gareus
2016-01-02change Controllable::set_value() API to include grouped control consideration.Paul Davis
2015-10-05NOOP, remove trailing tabs/whitespace.Robin Gareus
2015-10-04globally remove all trailing whitespace from ardour code base.Paul Davis
2015-04-26don’t assume compilers cast the way we want.Robin Gareus
2015-04-22Initial Gain Coefficient tweaksBen Loftis
2015-04-07low-pass filter gain-fader.Robin Gareus
2015-01-19use C locale, because POSIX locale is not supported on windows, and operation...Ben Loftis
2013-08-02rework MIDI [processor|plugin] chainRobin Gareus
2011-08-03Add GPL boilerplate.Carl Hetherington
2011-08-03Polarity control value needs to be able to go negative as itCarl Hetherington
2011-06-21an entire freakin' day working on 1 working function, VolumeController::adjus...Paul Davis
2011-06-19much ado about nothing when it comes to gain controlPaul Davis
2011-06-17some changes to try to make the monitor section gain controls work as intende...Paul Davis
2011-06-01Fix broken whitespace. I'd apologize for the compile times if it was my faul...David Robillard
2011-03-30Remove some unused methods. Restore Solo boost, SiP cut and Dim Cut correctl...Carl Hetherington
2011-02-20Modify route _processor list set up so that the logic for placing `invisible'...Carl Hetherington
2010-12-03Remove all use of nframes_t.Carl Hetherington
2010-11-10remove some unnecessary and hard-to-compile-on-OSX debug stuffPaul Davis
2010-08-19forward port automation handling changes from 2.x, upto and including about r...Paul Davis
2010-07-27change Control::{set,get}_float to Control::{set,get}_double and make almost ...Paul Davis
2010-05-08Remove use of i18n macros in headers. Prevents our gettext.h being included ...Carl Hetherington
2010-04-06MIDI/Controllables for monitor section, and related fixesPaul Davis
2010-03-24remove XML-based constructors for several types of Processors; less debuggingPaul Davis
2010-03-18force AFL monitor/listen send to be at the very end of the Route processor li...Paul Davis
2010-03-17fixes for various consistency/settings issues in monitor section; minor edit ...Paul Davis
2010-03-12map most (all?) monitor processor state into/onto monitor section GUIPaul Davis
2010-03-11save/restore monitor processor state; key handling in torn off monitor sectio...Paul Davis
2010-03-11monitor section: make sip/afl/pfl buttons work, add rude solo, mono function,...Paul Davis
2010-03-10how about that ... a monitor/main section .. GUI is still unfinished .. sever...Paul Davis