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2017-04-19Use XMLNode::get/set_property API in ARDOUR::ExportPreset classTim Mayberry
2016-05-04OMNIBUS COMMIT: prefer const XMLNode::property method (and provide a real one)Paul Davis
2011-04-04Fix broken whitespace (no functional changes).David Robillard
2011-03-12a better fix fpr that wierd XMLProperty botchPaul Davis
2011-03-12use legalize_for_path() on filenames for export presets and formatsPaul Davis
2009-10-14Strip trailing whitespace and fix other whitespace errors (e.g. space/tab mix...David Robillard
2009-05-12Remove most using declarations from header files.Carl Hetherington
2009-02-25*** NEW CODING POLICY ***David Robillard
2008-12-18Remove unnecessary 0 checks before delete; see Hetherington
2008-10-16Handle export presets from config dirs properly. Removed some debug output.Sakari Bergen
2008-09-19* Added PBD::UUIDSakari Bergen