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2017-05-29Allow export presets for 176.4KHz -- "Ardour6: music for bats"Robin Gareus
2016-07-24export rate formatting:Robin Gareus
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-05-02Add loudness normalization to Export Format & GraphRobin Gareus
2015-04-21Added support for exporting mp4 chapter marksJohannes Mueller
2014-05-23Remove Soundcloud upload from export format specificationColin Fletcher
2013-10-07Rudimentary post-processing of exported files.Colin Fletcher
2013-10-07Update export format when 'upload to soundcloud' changes.Colin Fletcher
2013-08-24export: add support for CAFTim Blechmann
2012-10-08add 8kHz as an available export format sample ratePaul Davis
2012-06-24In export format dialog, show preview of generated part of description. Fix t...Sakari Bergen
2012-05-24Remove over 500 unnecessary includes (including 54 of session.h).David Robillard
2012-05-24Compile cleanly with clang.David Robillard
2012-01-18restore ability to create TOC and CUE files during export. this is an option ...Paul Davis
2011-06-11Typedef all globally used export smart pointer types in one file.Sakari Bergen
2011-06-01Fix broken whitespace. I'd apologize for the compile times if it was my faul...David Robillard
2010-12-18Add "session rate" as a possible sample rate for export formatsSakari Bergen
2010-09-14remove Glib::ustring from libardour; allow any characters except '/' and '\' ...Paul Davis
2010-08-30force AIFF and WAV exports to Big and Little endianness respectivelyPaul Davis
2009-12-21fully implement and deploy explicit x-thread signal connection syntax (testin...Paul Davis
2009-12-19use new syntax for connecting to backend signals that enforces explicit conne...Paul Davis
2009-12-17switch to using boost::signals2 instead of sigc++, at least for libardour. no...Paul Davis
2009-10-14Strip trailing whitespace and fix other whitespace errors (e.g. space/tab mix...David Robillard
2009-07-21Fix some unused parameter warnings.Carl Hetherington
2009-02-25*** NEW CODING POLICY ***David Robillard
2008-09-29Made Export format compatibility checking a bit more robustSakari Bergen
2008-09-28* Improved export error handling, streamlined ExportFailedSakari Bergen
2008-09-17new files from sakari, missed last timePaul Davis