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2018-07-25Fall back to default Session export dir, if export path does not exist.Robin Gareus
2017-04-19Use PBD::to_string from pbd/string_convert.h in ARDOUR::ExportFilenameTim Mayberry
2017-04-19Use XMLNode::get/set_property in ARDOUR::ExportFilename classTim Mayberry
2017-02-02Export option to use snapshot name instead of session nameRobin Gareus
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-05-04OMNIBUS COMMIT: prefer const XMLNode::property method (and provide a real one)Paul Davis
2016-02-13Fix 6677: Post-export script reinterprets timestamp format placeholder giving...Julien ROGER
2016-02-12include timespan-option with export presetRobin Gareus
2016-02-11Prepare for optional timespan name during export.Robin Gareus
2015-10-05NOOP, remove trailing tabs/whitespace.Robin Gareus
2015-06-29Revert "[Summary] Adding missing initialization of the date &time formats. ...Paul Davis
2015-06-29[Summary] Adding missing initialization of the date &time formats. “Init tr...Valeriy Kamyshniy
2015-01-29fix -Wreorder in 6377fe89Robin Gareus
2015-01-27[Summary] Adding missing initialization of the date &time formats. “Init tr...Valeriy Kamyshniy
2014-08-14Add backwards compatibility for instant.xml changes.nick_m
2014-08-14Move ExportProfile xml from Session instant.xml to session file.nick_m
2013-10-17add export visibility macros across libardourPaul Davis
2013-03-17Handle mutiple export files with the same extension but different format.Sakari Bergen
2012-12-20replace characters that would make an export filename illegal on any/all file...Paul Davis
2012-12-06various fixes for exporting, including correct handling of errors during expo...Paul Davis
2012-06-23Use std::string instead of PBD::sys::path in pbd/search_path.h, pbd/file_util...Tim Mayberry
2012-05-24Remove over 500 unnecessary includes (including 54 of session.h).David Robillard
2011-06-11Typedef all globally used export smart pointer types in one file.Sakari Bergen
2010-09-14remove Glib::ustring from libardour; allow any characters except '/' and '\' ...Paul Davis
2009-10-14Strip trailing whitespace and fix other whitespace errors (e.g. space/tab mix...David Robillard
2009-05-12Remove most using declarations from header files.Carl Hetherington
2009-02-25*** NEW CODING POLICY ***David Robillard
2008-09-17new files from sakari, missed last timePaul Davis