path: root/libs/ardour/ardour/session.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-10revert to single buffer for disk playback, and 5.x-style overwritePaul Davis
2019-12-05changes to use overwrite-buffers when loop is disabled or loop range changedPaul Davis
2019-11-22redesign of declicking and fades around loop boundariesPaul Davis
2019-11-15consolidate Session::locate() and Session::do_locate()Paul Davis
2019-11-15eliminate hacky design for being able to deliver the correct time as JACK tim...Paul Davis
2019-11-06fix unconditional note resolution during DiskReader::realtime_locate()Paul Davis
2019-11-02remove unused parameter from Session::set_play_loop() APIPaul Davis
2019-11-02rename all Evoral source from .(hpp|cpp)$ to .(h|cc)Paul Davis
2019-11-02refactor SessionEvent and DiskIO so that we pass around boost::shared_ptr<Tra...Paul Davis
2019-11-01don't send TFSM event LocateDone after a locate-for-loop-endPaul Davis
2019-10-28provide a mechanism to decide if Session::update_latency_compensation() is be...Paul Davis
2019-10-26Fix latency compensation race-conditionRobin Gareus
2019-10-18Expose virtual-keyboard port as async-portRobin Gareus
2019-10-18Add Virtual-Keyboard MIDI portRobin Gareus
2019-10-13Remove unused API declaration (removed in 789f08891b)Robin Gareus
2019-10-12remove Session::AudioMidiSetupRequired signal (no longer necessary)Paul Davis
2019-10-10make BusProfile argument to new Session constructor be const (and in associat...Paul Davis
2019-09-30Fix remaining doxygen warnings (!)Robin Gareus
2019-09-30Fix a few hundred doxygen warnings..Robin Gareus
2019-09-29Emit signal when session latency was updatedRobin Gareus
2019-09-25goodbye USE_TRACKS_CODE_FEATURES and is_tracks_buildPaul Davis
2019-09-22add direct access API for transportFSM and session transport speedPaul Davis
2019-09-22remove unused PostTransportDuration and enumeration-writing for Adjust(Playba...Paul Davis
2019-09-19replace boost::msm - based FSM for transport with one written in "plain C++"Paul Davis
2019-09-17add finite state machine to control/manage transport statePaul Davis
2019-08-26Add signal for foldback send add or removeLen Ovens
2019-08-07Add method to graphviz plot the process-graphRobin Gareus
2019-08-03Update libardour GPL boilerplate and (C) from git logRobin Gareus
2019-08-01(Source List) Region Tags (libardour part)Ben Loftis
2019-08-01(Source List) Region List rewrite (libardour part)Ben Loftis
2019-08-01(Source List) Source property signals (libardour part)Ben Loftis
2019-04-08NO-OP: whitespace, commentsRobin Gareus
2019-03-23Remove chicken/egg d'torRobin Gareus
2019-03-19Remove global Session::playlists variable, use getter method (1/2)Robin Gareus
2019-03-18NO-OP: Use API to set/test state-of-the-stateRobin Gareus
2019-03-01Revert Monitor-Section to be per sessionRobin Gareus
2019-02-28simplifications to the logic and additional comments for code that handles au...Paul Davis
2019-02-22remove PostTransportWorkCurveReallocate (no longer used)Paul Davis
2019-02-21Add API to check for ongoing de-clickRobin Gareus
2019-02-21Remove more cruft (unused rf-scale)Robin Gareus
2019-02-20Remove cruft (unused PostTransportInputChange)Robin Gareus
2019-02-12Session-range behavior (libardour part)Ben Loftis
2018-11-07get_stripables and get_routelist are now presentationinfo awareLen Ovens
2018-10-25Fix race-condition/deadlock, plugin-copy while rollingRobin Gareus
2018-10-15Remove a #include and substitute a forward declaration (to simplify and speed...John Emmas
2018-10-14fix several inter-related problems with libptformatPaul Davis
2018-10-13Clarify where the file 'ptfformat.h' can be foundJohn Emmas
2018-10-12PT import: Minor changes to sessionDamien Zammit
2018-10-08some rather simple code to allow MIDI Clock to set the tempo of the session.Paul Davis
2018-10-05move away from "sync source" conceptsPaul Davis