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2018-07-09Remove global declick APIRobin Gareus
2017-11-12Add API to allow buffer offsets when applying gainRobin Gareus
2017-10-04Clean up State API:Robin Gareus
2017-09-19Amend c8a9b28d3 and 40aebce. Fix gain automation edge-cases:Robin Gareus
2017-09-18remove getter for Amp::_apply_automation_gain; reset member to false after us...Paul Davis
2017-09-18globally change all use of "frame" to refer to audio into "sample".Paul Davis
2017-07-24Update to use gain_t for maths (no more double)Robin Gareus
2017-07-16Remove unused API and a never used execution-branchRobin Gareus
2017-07-16Consistent Automation evaluation:Robin Gareus
2017-06-09Remove Automatable::value_as_string API from libardourRobin Gareus
2017-06-03Apply VCA master gain automation to Amp (Fader, Trim)Robin Gareus
2017-04-19Remove unused header include in ARDOUR::Amp source fileTim Mayberry
2017-04-19Use XMLNode::set_property in ARDOUR::Amp classTim Mayberry
2017-04-16Fix indentation in ARDOUR::Amp::set_stateTim Mayberry
2017-01-21use SSE/AVX for scaling gain automation buffer via masters' valuePaul Davis
2017-01-21Amp is the one place where we generate a per-sample vector for automation pla...Paul Davis
2016-12-03Remove Evoral::MIDIEventDavid Robillard
2016-07-14enough with umpteen "i18n.h" files. Consolidate on pbd/i18n.hPaul Davis
2016-06-25major internal plugin & processor API change:Robin Gareus
2016-06-21always run amp/trim LPFRobin Gareus
2016-05-31implementation side of Controllable::get_user_string() with const argPaul Davis
2016-05-31probably get the design of VCAs basically correct: use a per-master ratio modelPaul Davis
2016-05-31vca design: gain controls cannot silently "merge" the master(s) value into th...Paul Davis
2016-01-25change exposed type of various objects' gain controls; remove Amp::gain() as ...Paul Davis
2016-01-18working version of new gain control designPaul Davis
2016-01-18move Amp::GainControl out into its own source module and out of AmpPaul Davis
2016-01-18change ownership of the AutomationControl used by Amp.Paul Davis
2016-01-02change Controllable::set_value() API to include grouped control consideration.Paul Davis
2015-12-27proper display name for Monitor ProcessorRobin Gareus
2015-10-21Add AutomationControl::set_value_unchecked() and AutomationControl::writable(...Paul Davis
2015-09-21processor-box: explicitly check for "Amp" (Fader)Robin Gareus
2015-09-16Revert "add an Amp to Delivery, remove it from Send, make use of this in vari...Paul Davis
2015-09-15add an Amp to Delivery, remove it from Send, make use of this in various ::ru...Paul Davis
2015-05-27fader: start muted, ramp up/interpolate to targetRobin Gareus
2015-04-26wrap midi negative gain for midi-velocityRobin Gareus
2015-04-26relax gain LPF to 25Hz.Robin Gareus
2015-04-26update amp for negative (polarity-invert) gainRobin Gareus
2015-04-25midi velocity [fader] automationRobin Gareus
2015-04-25Amp: allow to disable midi velocityRobin Gareus
2015-04-25prepare trim automationRobin Gareus
2015-04-24Amp control: power-scale (fader) and dB-scale (knob)Robin Gareus
2015-04-22Initial Gain Coefficient tweaksBen Loftis
2015-04-07linear declickRobin Gareus
2015-04-07low-pass filter gain-fader.Robin Gareus
2015-04-05децибелRobin Gareus
2014-12-04Make gain controls step by roughly 1.0/0.1 dB.David Robillard
2014-12-01Replace half-baked param metadata with descriptor.David Robillard
2014-07-18tweaks for the monitor section. refactoring of some buttons, using new Ardou...Ben Loftis
2014-05-26apply gain automation on bounce - fixes 5887Robin Gareus
2014-02-19clear up some stupid thinking in Amp regarding the way the underlying Automat...Paul Davis