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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-25Tweak preferences textRobin Gareus
2017-02-25Tweak metering prefs: clarify default type behaviorRobin Gareus
2017-02-25NO-OP, re-arrange codeRobin Gareus
2017-02-24Snap-back fader on release (follow-up to e8cebac6a36a)Robin Gareus
2017-02-24Group-override for fadersRobin Gareus
2017-02-24Allow to switch master-meter type in the toolbar-meterRobin Gareus
2017-02-24NO-OP resolve an ambiguity, just because.Robin Gareus
2017-02-24gui: debug output for faderport/editor mixer strip syncPaul Davis
2017-02-24Save Lua script file origin (for later updates) -- GUI+Session pluginRobin Gareus
2017-02-24Add some convenient public editor methods (for lua-bindings)Robin Gareus
2017-02-24the daily dose of const'nessRobin Gareus
2017-02-24re-order inheritanceRobin Gareus
2017-02-23Lua bindings to access editor selection + region selection bindingsRobin Gareus
2017-02-23remove explicit line-break (rely on wrap)Robin Gareus
2017-02-23Clarify prefsRobin Gareus
2017-02-24also fix flying percussive hits while copy-dragging.nick_m
2017-02-24hotfix for flying percussive hits while dragging.nick_m
2017-02-22Move Select-All-Tracks into the Selection category. Currently used only when ...Ben Loftis
2017-02-22GUI support to re-locate missing external (abs-path) filesRobin Gareus
2017-02-22NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2017-02-22remove cruftRobin Gareus
2017-02-21fix crash when removing a TimeAxisView from the selectionPaul Davis
2017-02-21PBD::Signal<...>::connect() is already thread safe, so drop intermediate prox...Paul Davis
2017-02-21Revert "ARDOUR_UI transport buttons should use ArdourButton::set_related_acti...Paul Davis
2017-02-21better solution of 3c25d26e9Robin Gareus
2017-02-21Fix potential crash at exit/close.Robin Gareus
2017-02-21Group-Tabs keyboard shortcutsRobin Gareus
2017-02-21fix typo in prev commitRobin Gareus
2017-02-20MB: prefs are detached initiallyRobin Gareus
2017-02-20fix thinko in prev commitRobin Gareus
2017-02-20Fix iterator off-by-one: Allow to move top-most track. via ctrl up/downRobin Gareus
2017-02-20First-time startup logic update.Robin Gareus
2017-02-20Consistent VCA naming (Ardour/Mixbus)Robin Gareus
2017-02-20consolidate Ardour+Mixbus code, fix duplicate SeparatorElem in MB.Robin Gareus
2017-02-20use "VCA" rather than "Control Master" in the GUIPaul Davis
2017-02-20ensure that when mixer is shown in its own tab, it has a default focus widget...Paul Davis
2017-02-20Increase default size of script-editor paneRobin Gareus
2017-02-20Lua binding for pango_cairo_layout_path (text outlines)Robin Gareus
2017-02-19probable fix for crash while dragging playheadPaul Davis
2017-02-19Consistent dialog title (match "Show Protocol Settings" button)Robin Gareus
2017-02-19Connect Script Manager "Edit" -> Lua Scripting WindowRobin Gareus
2017-02-19Build-in some doc (script types)Robin Gareus
2017-02-19Remove unused ArdourUI code to add/remove Lua Session Scripts.Robin Gareus
2017-02-19Update menu for LuaRobin Gareus
2017-02-19Allow to un/load Lua Session Scripts in the Script ManagerRobin Gareus
2017-02-19fix missing command in Editor::snap_regions_to_grid ()nick_m
2017-02-18re-layout script-selector (only grow description vertically)Robin Gareus
2017-02-18Consolidate ActionChanged callbacks, add tooltipsRobin Gareus
2017-02-18Remove LuaCairo.color_to_rgba (now Ardour.LuaAPI.color_to_rgba)Robin Gareus
2017-02-18Allow to un-assign action-scripts via shift+right-clickRobin Gareus