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2017-01-12Add some explanatory text to the Quirks settingsBen Loftis
2017-01-10Tweak TMM tooltipRobin Gareus
2017-01-10Shrink preferences window when detachedRobin Gareus
2017-01-10add some preference tooltips and related code consolidationRobin Gareus
2017-01-08Tweak Preference labelRobin Gareus
2017-01-04File [MIDI] display preference under AppearanceRobin Gareus
2017-01-02s/GUI/Appearance/ -- part twelve of expected 27 prefs updatesRobin Gareus
2017-01-02Move items not relevant for appearance out of "GUI" preferencesRobin Gareus
2016-12-31Add keyboard option resetRobin Gareus
2016-12-31re-fine preferences dialog part eleven of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30re-fine preferences dialog part ten of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30Remove cruft (old MIDI feedback API)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part eight and nine of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part seven of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part six of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30Removed the theRobin Gareus
2016-12-30Clarify some more preferencesRobin Gareus
2016-12-30Less verbose phrasing for prefs.Robin Gareus
2016-12-30Tweak some open labelsRobin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part five of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part four of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part three of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-30Some more Spinbox size updatesRobin Gareus
2016-12-30re-group preferences part two of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-29re-group preferences part one of 27 (probably)Robin Gareus
2016-12-29Turn Theme Manager into an OptionEditor (no direct use of Gtk)Robin Gareus
2016-12-29Consolidate Preferences/OptionEditorRobin Gareus
2016-12-28Remove "Feedback" from Preferences Ctrl Surface pane.Robin Gareus
2016-12-28Further preference-dialog re-layout work in progress..Robin Gareus
2016-12-28Add Scrollbar to MIDI Port Option ListRobin Gareus
2016-12-28NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2016-12-28Prefs Dialog: consistent headings, spacing, reduce width,..Robin Gareus
2016-12-29add preference for showing non-quarter note tempi (Misc subsection Tempo).nick_m
2016-12-28Add Locale config preferences and rearrange UI prefsRobin Gareus
2016-12-21Add option to hide the 2ndary clockRobin Gareus
2016-12-20Rearrange LTC preference entryRobin Gareus
2016-12-20Allow to customize parts of the main toolbarRobin Gareus
2016-12-17Commence transport tool bar re-layoutRobin Gareus
2016-12-13Add option to Zoom to Selection on double clickTim Mayberry
2016-11-19Fix for widget visibility with detached preferences windowTim Mayberry
2016-11-17GUI to disable MacVST at runtimeRobin Gareus
2016-11-13basic Mac VST Cocoa UI supportRobin Gareus
2016-11-11Add option to zoom using button press in the time rulers and dragging verticallyTim Mayberry
2016-10-20use new API for user-provided MIDI port informationPaul Davis
2016-10-20GUI tweaks for MIDI port optionsPaul Davis
2016-10-20MIDI port options now tracks dynamic port register/unregisterPaul Davis
2016-10-19various tweaks to improve the preferences presentation of midi-input-follows-...Paul Davis
2016-10-19need to refill treeviews for MIDI port prefs at least oncePaul Davis
2016-10-19move MIDI port options out of engine dialog and into prefsPaul Davis
2016-10-18remove unnecessary and now impossible #includePaul Davis