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2017-01-282 new export formats for stems and such. They export at the current session ...Ben Loftis
2014-05-23Remove Soundcloud export format presetsColin Fletcher
2014-05-19Merge branch 'export-dialog' into cairocanvasColin Fletcher
2014-04-28finish unfinished work at basing all install paths on the program namePaul Davis
2014-01-11Soundcloud upload example export format presets.Colin Fletcher
2012-10-08new Ring Tone default export formatPaul Davis
2011-09-29Upgrade to waf 1.6.7 and autowaf r52.David Robillard
2011-04-22Fix Python whitespace (follow PEP8 guidelines, reformatted by Python Reindent)David Robillard
2011-03-13add build stuff for export formats/presetsPaul Davis
2011-03-13remove duplicate, less-usefully named duplicate export presetPaul Davis
2011-03-13pre-defined export presets and formats, part onePaul Davis