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2017-01-05Update TRANSLATORSOlivier Humbert
2017-01-05Add a po file to be translatedOlivier Humbert
2016-06-10Fix the reference to i18n_po, fix Paul's second nameAlexandre Prokoudine
2016-05-17Update TRANSLATORS docs to advertize Git-oriented patch submission workflowAlexandre Prokoudine
2011-11-21correct dir spellingPaul Davis
2011-11-21update TRANSLATORS again to explain the role of the POT file properly and men...Paul Davis
2011-11-20Patch from Prokoudine to fix some typos and add extraCarl Hetherington
2011-11-17small correction to TRANSLATORS (needs more work to be fully accuratePaul Davis
2011-04-28new file for translator informationPaul Davis