AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-18PT import: Add MIDI import functionalityptmidiDamien Zammit
2017-02-18ptformat: Update the lib to 9d0b64f (upstream ptformat)Damien Zammit
2017-02-09This is the wrong approach to this problem.5.6Paul Davis
2017-02-09remove debug output from PresentationInfo changesPaul Davis
2017-02-09NO-OP: whitespace conversionPaul Davis
2017-02-09when considering whether or not to autoscroll teh canvas, first translate all...Paul Davis
2017-02-09remove debugging stacktrace from mackie codePaul Davis
2017-02-09NO-OP: whitespacePaul Davis
2017-02-09explanatory comment and logic change to cover when we switch to the new sessi...Paul Davis
2017-02-09always hide splash screen after save-as session switchPaul Davis
2017-02-09fix save_as()' inadvertent marking a session as dirty during the process of s...Paul Davis
2017-02-09NO-OP: whitespace removalPaul Davis
2017-02-09when adding a default start/end range to a Location while saving a template, ...Paul Davis
2017-02-09Add a VC project for building the ardourvamppluginsJohn Emmas
2017-02-08NO-OP: whitespacePaul Davis
2017-02-08make rude alert buttons expand vertically to use all available space.Paul Davis
2017-02-08NO-OP: whitespace changesPaul Davis
2017-02-08improved fix for #7208, hopefullyPaul Davis
2017-02-08use centralized SMF tempo method in both places where we show itPaul Davis
2017-02-08centralize computation of tempo from SMF informationPaul Davis
2017-02-08an automation control that has to do things before its value is set in an RT ...Paul Davis
2017-02-08do NOT remove tracks from selection during drag selection on the basis of geo...Paul Davis
2017-02-08stop a crash during selectionPaul Davis
2017-02-085.5 incorrectly marked the initial tempo as not locked to meter.nick_m
2017-02-07Update Russian translationAlexandre Prokoudine
2017-02-07remove debug outputPaul Davis
2017-02-073 actions (trim-front, trim-back, set-sync-position) do not need to be region...Paul Davis
2017-02-07only reverse propagate solo-by-others-downstream if connections on a Route ch...Paul Davis
2017-02-07don't call shared_from_this() for every route when doing solo-downstream prop...Paul Davis
2017-02-08fix legacy session where initial tempo was not locked to meter,nick_m
2017-02-07tempo dialog uses three decimal places in numeric entry.nick_m
2017-02-06Categorize the mixer actions.Ben Loftis
2017-02-06Add several new categories and re-sort some keybindings so they display more ...Ben Loftis
2017-02-06Some tweaks to default keybindings:Ben Loftis
2017-02-06Revert to allowing stacked layer region view for MIDI tracks, for now.Ben Loftis
2017-02-06Tweak output formatting of save_all_bindings_as_htmlBen Loftis
2017-02-07hotfix for cross-track dragging bug with music-locked regions.nick_m
2017-02-07update note length when dragging notes (over tempo change)nick_m
2017-02-06use new PBD::Controllable API to correctly save solo and mute controls, which...Paul Davis
2017-02-06add new API to PBD::Controllable, ::get_save_value()Paul Davis
2017-02-06save/restore VCA master state inside slaves, so that a reloaded session ends ...Paul Davis
2017-02-07NoteDrag copy modifier detection is no longer explicit.nick_m
2017-02-06Modify our MSVC project to build the newer qm-dsp pluginsJohn Emmas
2017-02-06Remove a JE addition to one of the qm-dsp source files (no longer needed)John Emmas
2017-02-05Some minor changes in preparation for building the newer Vamp pluginsJohn Emmas
2017-02-05unused code, showing basics of how to define a custom gtkmm-2.4 treemodel for...Paul Davis
2017-02-05fix type warningPaul Davis
2017-02-05remove overzealous bounds check when dropping notes.nick_m
2017-02-05midi note drags are music-based.nick_m
2017-02-04If 'MidiRegionView::find_canvas_sys_ex()' fails, make it return a boost::shar...John Emmas