AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-09-17WIP ptxfix-ptx-20170917Damien Zammit
Signed-off-by: Damien Zammit <>
2017-08-05full integration of beatbox test app into ardour tree+build systemPaul Davis
Plus a few attempts at catching note on/off quantization stuff
2017-08-05Revert 542d021f, fix number of DSP threadsRobin Gareus
The main process-callback does not participate in DSP computation
2017-08-05Consolidate ctrl surface codeRobin Gareus
2017-08-05Add API to set thread-priority (for ctrl-surfaces)Robin Gareus
2017-08-05Reduce DSP thread priority (main-i/o > midi i/o > computation)Robin Gareus
2017-08-04add tempo adjustmentPaul Davis
2017-08-04expose more internal statePaul Davis
2017-08-04change superclock ticks per second (no need for 11,13,17)Paul Davis
2017-08-04remove some debug outputPaul Davis
2017-08-04fix bbox compilation after integration into treePaul Davis
2017-08-04new mini, standalone MIDI beatbox/live looperPaul Davis
This is for experiments with loop sequencing, MIDI region generation and superclock stuff
2017-08-04NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2017-08-04Graph profiling: allow to override max DSP thread count & calc avg.Robin Gareus
2017-08-04CoreAudio: Set MachThread RT PriorityRobin Gareus
2017-08-04DummyBackend: allow changing SPPRobin Gareus
2017-08-04SNAFU. Allow changing engine buffer-size while runningRobin Gareus
2017-08-03Update sv.poKristoffer Grundström
2017-08-03Updated Swedish languageKristoffer Grundström
Signed-off-by: Kristoffer Grundström <>
2017-08-04Rough-in an qm-barbeattracker Lua exampleRobin Gareus
2017-08-04Fix typo in Lua Vamp APIRobin Gareus
2017-08-03Allow calling IO::silence for yet unregistered ports (Click)Robin Gareus
2017-08-03Some more assert() debuggingRobin Gareus
2017-08-03Ignore cycle-start/end for unregistered portsRobin Gareus
Should fix a race during Session::destroy(), Port::PortDrop which unregisters ports with the backend, but the actual port instance will still exist. The engine does no longer have a session-pointer and only calls CycleStart(); CycleEnd() to clear port-buffers. Trying to clear and already unregistered Port will crash.
2017-08-03improve 1a288ddd, destroy IO after disconnecting from signals.Robin Gareus
This does not completely fix the race-condition. The GUI (e.g. connection-manager) may still hold a shared-ptr reference.
2017-08-03Fix Session > New (cancel retains the current session if any)Robin Gareus
2017-08-03Fix crash when cleaning up w/o destroying sessionRobin Gareus
- Control-protocols may transmit data during cleanup (e.g. reset surface), and need the Audio-engine to do so. - destroying the ControlProtocolManager w/o the Session calling ::drop_protocols(), lead to a double free.
2017-08-03OSC: Fix to make sure buses created with Ardour 4.7 sessions show upLen Ovens
2017-08-03Accommodate newly introduced source(s) in our MSVC project (gtk2_ardour)John Emmas
2017-08-03prevent duplicate playlist-names when re-naming #7438Robin Gareus
2017-08-02Update clear_gray-ardour.colorscooltehno
2017-08-02Update caineville-ardour.colorscooltehno
2017-08-02OSC: Add command to select MasterLen Ovens
2017-08-01Fix some more crashes at session-closeRobin Gareus
PortDrop unregisters backend ports, the backend will return a NULL buffer-pointer, but the I/O object still exists (Metronome, LTC) AudioBuffer::_data == 0 #0 msvcrt!memset () from C:\Windows\System32\msvcrt.dll #1 ARDOUR::AudioBuffer::silence (this=0x2c410710, len=256, offset=0) at ../libs/ardour/ #2 ARDOUR::AudioPort::cycle_end (this=0x34918730, nframes=256) at ../libs/ardour/ #3 ARDOUR::PortManager::cycle_end (this=this@entry=0x23342770, nframes=nframes@entry=256) [process callback w/o session]
2017-08-01Fix LTC encoder removalRobin Gareus
Fixed a crash if an x-run or graph-reorder happens after the LTC encoder has been destroyed (possible at session-close or after disabling the encoder). This also fixes duplicate callbacks in case the encoder was re-enabled times in an active session.
2017-08-01Fix Linux packaging to deal with jackd -RC versionsRobin Gareus
2017-08-01Fix ATAV GUI property cleanupRobin Gareus
AutomationTimeAxisView::state_id() requires a stripable (stripable == automatable + parameter OR stripable + control)
2017-08-01OSC: expand plugin_descriptor to split into smaller OSC messages (issue ↵Len Ovens
2017-08-01OSC: add param to plugin_list response which indicates plugin enable state ↵Len Ovens
2017-07-31More Russian translation updatesPetr Semiletov
2017-07-31Fix erroneous changes in the previous updates, translate more into RussianAlexandre Prokoudine
2017-07-31Signal wish to show inline display in gui by lv2:optionalFeatureJohannes Mueller
... in .ttl file rather than by extension_data() in code. That's more in the spirit of LV2.
2017-07-31Tweaking the a-comp inline display a bit. Make it more skinny.Johannes Mueller
2017-07-31Indicate whether to show plugin's inline display in GUIJohannes Mueller
This is currently done by an extension data similarly to LV2_INLINEDISPLAY__interface.
2017-07-31Simplified inline display if the channel strip is not wide enoughJohannes Mueller
If the width of the display area is below 200 px, we switch from the graph display to displaying only two bars, one for output level and one for gain reduction. In the bar mode we also visualize threshold and ratio.
2017-07-31Honor attack and release parameters in a-comp's inline graphJohannes Mueller
2017-07-31Indicate gain reduction in a-compJohannes Mueller
2017-07-31Show range -60 .. +10 dBFS in acomp's inline displayRobin Gareus
2017-07-31Set makeup to 0.f when bypassed also in stereo versionJohannes Mueller
2017-07-31Adjust the indication of the treshold value by the makup gain.Johannes Mueller
When lifting the compressor curve by the makeup gain value the actual treshold (the level when the curve kinks in) is also lifted. Therefore we need to adjust the dashed line indicating the threshold as well as the level when the color gradient to show compression kicks in.