AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-18RAII collect processor-change signals6.0-rc1Robin Gareus
2020-04-18Optimize realtime listen-position changeRobin Gareus
2020-04-18Support for lock-free AFL/PFL changesRobin Gareus
Session::listen_position_changed() calls Route::listen_position_changed() for every route in the session. Each call tool the process-lock in turn.
2020-04-18Consistent Lua script error and print() output 2/2Robin Gareus
2020-04-18Consistent Lua script error and print() output 1/2Robin Gareus
2020-04-18First part of translation reviewJulien '_FrnchFrgg_' RIVAUD
2020-04-18Update French po files from codeJulien '_FrnchFrgg_' RIVAUD
2020-04-18Allow to hide inline-controls using shift+right clickRobin Gareus
2020-04-17Prefer PBD::Unwinder to temporarily change a variableRobin Gareus
2020-04-17shift-tab generates shift-iso_left_tab so fix MIDI editing bindingsPaul Davis
2020-04-17fix name of MIDI editing actionPaul Davis
2020-04-17expand everything for a key editor tab is there is only 1 child nodePaul Davis
2020-04-17Fix canvas scroll-event zoom-focusRobin Gareus
Unconditionally use the mouse-cursor as zoom-focus when holding <ctrl> while scrolling on the canvas. This is consistent with using ctrl + scroll in the ruler area.
2020-04-17change default (non-modified) transpose kbd action to use 1 semitonePaul Davis
2020-04-17NOOP: newline removalPaul Davis
2020-04-17do not reset import status to cancel for every path imported before ↵Paul Davis
starting; fixes failure of cancel to stop import
2020-04-17WebSockets: make the mixer-demo look good on small screensLuciano Iam
2020-04-17WebSockets: change mixer-demo color palette to look closer to Ardour's ↵Luciano Iam
default skin
2020-04-17WebSockets: rename _lws_mnt_index to _lws_mnt_rootLuciano Iam
This mount point not only serves the index but everything that is under / , including the built-in surfaces directory
2020-04-17WebSockets: prevent crashes by validating inbound message addr and val sizesLuciano Iam
2020-04-17WebSockets: improve JS client and demoLuciano Iam
add methods to callback.js automatically reconnect js client on disconnection mixer-demo do not recreate UI on reconnection NO-OP: indentation in message.js make client JS reconnection optional fix mixer-demo scrolling minor JS client refactor improve mixer-demo readability
2020-04-17WebSockets: allow serving SVG files using libwebsockets < 3Luciano Iam
2020-04-17WebSockets: update JS client and demoLuciano Iam
avoid hardcoded node name strings in mixer-demo improve mixer-demo design split ardour.js client into control and metadata mixins rename JS client class Ardour to ArdourClient JS client improve mixin implementation JS client improve manifest parser NO-OP whitespace and comments NO-OP update websurface manifest versions add Ardour icon in mixer-demo improve mixer-demo scrolling on touch screens
2020-04-17when re-entering the track canvas in internal edit mode, ensure that kbd ↵Paul Davis
focus is set
2020-04-17fix actions names & description for note transport to reflect semitone not tonePaul Davis
2020-04-17remove debug outputPaul Davis
2020-04-17Allow to override zoom-focus to mouseRobin Gareus
When Prefs > Editor > Zoom to mouse position... is disabled. Ctrl + Scroll now allows to override the current zoom-focus, and zoom in/out at the mouse-cursor position.
2020-04-16more sane design for MidiRegionView::nudge_notes()Paul Davis
Use nudge clock if snap/grid is disabled; use grid (and grid/4 if "fine" adjustment is chosen)
2020-04-16fix Beats::operator-()Paul Davis
2020-04-16remove debug outputPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix names and add descriptions of MIDI actionsPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix some MIDI keybindingsPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix namespaces for MIDI note bindingsPaul Davis
2020-04-16changes to deal with region/note selection when changing into/out of ↵Paul Davis
internal edit mode Also, activate MIDI editing actions so that they are effective in internal edit mode
2020-04-16bindings for MIDI editing operationsPaul Davis
2020-04-16NOOP: use braces as per style guidePaul Davis
2020-04-16use new API to get selected MIDI regions and clear current note selection in ↵Paul Davis
a MIDI region
2020-04-16MidiRegionView no longer handles any keypresses or alters editor "note ↵Paul Davis
selection" 1. Alt is still handled to change drag behavior 2. Selection doesn't store notes unless they are part of the cut buffer, which means we should not be altering the note selection in the editor's selection object most of the time.
2020-04-16NOOP: newline removalPaul Davis
2020-04-16fix up action names for MIDI editingPaul Davis
2020-04-16change Selection object to be more clear about the status of MidiRegionViews ↵Paul Davis
and notes 1) Notes are only present in a Selection object if it is being used as a cut buffer. They are never stored there as part of "normal selection" - that is delegated/left to MidiRegionViews that own the notes. 2) MidiRegionViews are stored in the Selection as "just" RegionViews, so provide a convenience method to access them. This doesn't actually change much, since even the old MidiRegions object was actually just a RegionSelection i.e. RegionViews.
2020-04-16add a bunch of argument-free methods to MidiRegionView for use as actionsPaul Davis
2020-04-16change algorithm for activation/propagation of key events to allow multiple ↵Paul Davis
bindings We now check from the focus widget (if any) for any widget heirarchy bindings, and try to use them. Next use the "top level" bindings passed in (top level is quoted because they may be owned by a tab, rather than a window). Finally, if the event is still not handled, try the global bindings This model more closely matches what I think a reasonable programmer with experience of other GUI toolkits would expect, and allows us to have multiple bindings present (though not simultaneously used) in a given window
2020-04-16if the action associated with a binding is insensitive, do not activate it, ↵Paul Davis
and return false from Bindings::activate() This allows "stacking" of bindings by desensitizing the actions associated with a "lower" level of bindings at certain times (e.g. MIDI editing bindings thare are sensitized in the appropriate editing modes
2020-04-17Fix two more typosRobin Gareus
2020-04-16Fix another typo #8016Robin Gareus
2020-04-16Fix typos #8016Robin Gareus
Duplicate "the", missing "file"
2020-04-16Update German translationEdgar Aichinger
2020-04-16Update french translation #8016Robin Gareus
2020-04-16Fix Mixer Recall scriptNikolaus Gullotta
Add new Mixbus internal processors to well_known list, and ensure that proc is not nil before invalidation