AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-16NO-OP: remove trailing whitespaceRobin Gareus
2020-04-16Plugin: bypass <> enabled mappingRobin Gareus
2020-04-16Prefer std::string for `print_parameter` APIRobin Gareus
2020-04-16Tweak engine startup, shorten initial silence timeoutRobin Gareus
2020-04-15fix plurals and other mistakes in error strings; switch to PBD::warning since...Paul Davis
2020-04-15Fix Mixer Store/RecallNikolaus Gullotta
2020-04-15Disable spill when target-bus is removed #8014Robin Gareus
2020-04-15Fix typos, consistent translatable stringsEdgar Aichinger
2020-04-15Add automation lane for poly-key-pressureRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Only CCs can have custom MIDNAM labelsRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Prefer parameter_is_midi() API, fixes PolyKeyPressureRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Fix PolyKeyPressure, consolidate AutomationType checksRobin Gareus
2020-04-15NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Fix assert when showing embedded LV2 plugin UI -- #8013Robin Gareus
2020-04-15Update labels in MIDI Automation Lanes when MIDNAM changesRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Update CC Automation menu when MIDNAM changesRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Limited listed CC-channels to ChannelNameSet channelsRobin Gareus
2020-04-15Allow MIDNAM lookup of valid channels for controllersRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Quick and dirty dropping support for rippling across tracksJohannes Mueller
2020-04-14Fix #8012 to some extent.Johannes Mueller
2020-04-14Reset master send control along with sendsNikolaus Gullotta
2020-04-14changed text for adding a foldback send from monitorLen Ovens
2020-04-14Keep string markdown untranslatableRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Drag/Drop import region to where it was droppedRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Make import-dialog independent of only-copy preferenceRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Change default for embedding files via DnDRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Fix disk-reader alignment when creating tracks while playingRobin Gareus
2020-04-14NO-OP: whitespaceRobin Gareus
2020-04-14Fix playback alignment when adding/removing channelsRobin Gareus
2020-04-13Fix #7007: ::clear_owned_changes() on rippled Playlist before commitJohannes Mueller
2020-04-13WebSockets: add client getSurfaceManifest() example in mixer-demoLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: avoid hardcoding node names in mixer-demo, fix typo in message.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: improve support for callbacks in JS client libLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: improve wording in latest commit instructionsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: display usage instructions when loading index.html from a local fileLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: make mixer-demo import ardour.js instead of lower level channel.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: split channel.js into channel.js and message.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: detect channel drop in ardour.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: NO-OP update some code commentsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: improve mixer-demo lookLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: rename Node to ANode to avoid shadowing DOM Node classLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: add support for a message callback in ardour.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: NO-OP update comments in mixer-demo codeLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: throw error if trying to send() before open() in MessageChannelLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: remove test code from ardour.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: complete ardour.js client APIsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: fix node+addr hash when addr is undefinedLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: NO-OP add a comment in mixer-demo code that explains approachLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: add mixer APIs in ardour.jsLuciano Iam
2020-04-13WebSockets: export Node constants in channel.jsLuciano Iam