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committerTim Mayberry <>2016-09-15 21:27:55 +1000
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Add defines necessary for successful gcc/mingw compile with --cxx11 option
_USE_MATH_DEFINES is required for M_PI WIN32 is no longer defined by gcc/mingw with --cxx11 option enabled(of course _WIN32 still is) but as it is used in a liblo header(even though it is probably incorrect to do so) define it.
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diff --git a/wscript b/wscript
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--- a/wscript
+++ b/wscript
@@ -999,6 +999,11 @@ int main () { int x = SFC_RF64_AUTO_DOWNGRADE; return 0; }
conf.env.append_value('CFLAGS', '-DCOMPILER_MINGW')
conf.env.append_value('CXXFLAGS', '-DPLATFORM_WINDOWS')
conf.env.append_value('CXXFLAGS', '-DCOMPILER_MINGW')
+ if conf.options.cxx11:
+ conf.env.append_value('CFLAGS', '-D_USE_MATH_DEFINES')
+ conf.env.append_value('CXXFLAGS', '-D_USE_MATH_DEFINES')
+ conf.env.append_value('CFLAGS', '-DWIN32')
+ conf.env.append_value('CXXFLAGS', '-DWIN32')
conf.env.append_value('LIB', 'pthread')
# needed for at least libsmf
conf.check_cc(function_name='htonl', header_name='winsock2.h', lib='ws2_32')