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committerPaul Davis <>2020-05-20 14:32:33 -0600
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fix up context-providing translations for libs/ardour
Translators: if the msgid looks like foo|bar then in general the foo is just there to provide context to clarify the potentially ambiguous nature of bar. The translated form should not contain the foo or the |
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diff --git a/libs/ardour/po/de.po b/libs/ardour/po/de.po
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--- a/libs/ardour/po/de.po
+++ b/libs/ardour/po/de.po
@@ -3876,19 +3876,19 @@ msgstr "Konstruktion eines transport master Objekts vom Typ %1 misslungen"
msgid "SyncSource|JACK"
-msgstr "SyncQuelle|JACK"
+msgstr "JACK"
msgid "SyncSource|MTC"
-msgstr "SyncQuelle|MTC"
+msgstr "MTC"
msgid "SyncSource|M-Clk"
-msgstr "SyncQuelle|M-Clk"
+msgstr "M-Clk"
msgid "SyncSource|LTC"
-msgstr "SyncQuelle|LTC"
+msgstr "LTC"
msgid "All"