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Prevent copy-construction of sources to be destroyed list
destroy_sources () is only called from Session::remove_last_capture (). The list of sources to be destroyed is the local scope of that method and will hold a reference to the object. copy-construct the list and removing elements one by one from the copy is only unnecessary overhead.
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diff --git a/libs/ardour/ardour/session.h b/libs/ardour/ardour/session.h
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--- a/libs/ardour/ardour/session.h
+++ b/libs/ardour/ardour/session.h
@@ -805,7 +805,7 @@ public:
int cleanup_sources (CleanupReport&);
int cleanup_trash_sources (CleanupReport&);
- int destroy_sources (std::list<boost::shared_ptr<Source> >);
+ int destroy_sources (std::list<boost::shared_ptr<Source> > const&);
int remove_last_capture ();
void get_last_capture_sources (std::list<boost::shared_ptr<Source> >&);